GIVEAWAY: 2 Diesel Chronograph DZ4212 Watches

Now that Summer is here, it’s time to start appreciating the finer things in life: Quality time at the beach, perfectly mixed cocktails, ice cold beer and the clothing (or lack thereof) are all excellent reasons to leave the house. Trading in jeans, shirts and sneakers in favor of things less constricting is all well and good, but that doesn’t mean your arm should be naked. The Diesel Chronograph DZ4212 is the perfect Summer watch. The multi-dial white face is framed by a blue ion-plated case and mounted on a white silicone band. You get to look good, stay on time and your wrist won’t get burned when it heats up. Why just dive into blue when you can dive into Diesel blue?

GIVEAWAY: Contest Closed!
Congrats to CharlesW and Jordan

We have two Diesel DZ4212 watches to give away to different readers. If you want one of the $160 watches, you just have to follow these steps:

1. Dive into Diesel Time Frames by checking out the collection.
2. Come back here and leave a comment with the one person you’d most like to run into in the sand or surf while wearing your new watch.

We’ll pick two winners 6/10. Good Luck!


  • Tom

    I’d like to see my wife running into the surf. Any sharks had better watch out.

  • Nitya

    I would love to go with my boyfriend while wearing this watch. He is the one whom i want to spent my all time.

  • Svein

    Jeff Mangum.

  • Chirag

    Awesome watches.. I can walk with any one after wearing this watches but if given chance i would walk on beach with my fiancée. Thanks for opportunity.

  • laszlo

    jimi hendrix loved cool stuf, right? so I’d love to meet him. anyway cool watches.

  • James

    Elle Macpherson

  • http://Coolmaterial Richard P Strickland

    My grandpa. He passed away many years ago. I miss him.

  • gary pease

    Sweet watches, Id like to run into Brooke Decker while running on the beach.


  • brian

    id love to run into nicholas hoult. :)

  • Jonny

    Pippa Middleton, hands down.
    I’d save the interesting people for when bikinis weren’t involved.
    I would then charm my way into royalty by using a classic line
    “I have a magic watch – it tells me you’re not wearing any underwear… I forgot to mention, it’s ten minutes fast. DAMMIT I ONLY GOT THIS WATCH OFF COOLMATERIAL A WEEK AGO! *sigh* at least it looks good. Hey where d’you go?!”
    Smooth like butter.

  • Kay Y

    Pamela andersson for sure 8)

  • Radu Andries

    Definitely Miranda Kerr 😀

  • Lorenzo

    jeff bridges

  • Johnny

    I would like to run into Jeff Bridges, I feel like he would be the coolest Dude to talk to. He’d appreciate the awesome Diesel watch I’d be wearing too.

  • Kellog McPussy

    Waldo. Definitely Waldo.

  • Jesse

    Harold Camping (the rapture guy) at 6 on any day and just say oh well may be tomorrow

  • Bones

    That watch epitomizes style and functionality much like my pal R2D2. I’d love to show it off to him next time we are catching waves at Huntington Beach. Have you ever seen that little guy rocking a wetsuit? He makes it work.

  • Theo

    Jon Stewart. The man is a comedic genius and I’d love to sit down and talk with the guy, even if the subject was nowhere near comedy. He strikes me as a really fun guy.

  • Erik Snow

    Definitely would love to run into the guy from the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials… I would then ask him to let me be his apprentice. win

  • Dan Z

    100% beyonce.

  • Pallavi

    Nice and beautiful watch.. I would go with my husband.

  • Jake

    Bob Barker, so I can tell him I won it on PIR.

  • Patrick

    Christopher Nolan, so I could give him the watch as my thank you for ‘The Dark Knight’

  • Ramasamy

    This watch would be grt for any occasion. But If I had to choose one whom I want to run on sand then definitely she would be Megan Fox

  • Colton

    I would have to say Popeye, or John Wayne. Honestly Megan Fox.

  • Mike

    Easy. Jason statham. Fckin smart

  • Kayla

    Someone hot, someone funny, someone charming, someone with great hair. Nick cage

  • andrew bechini

    Would love to run into the surf with none other, than David Hasselhoff. It would be nice to relive a Baywatch moment.

  • Dustin

    Tyler Durden, Rosario Dawson, and the Black Keys. Wicked beach party.

  • Jonathan

    The people that told me – I “look poor.”

  • John E.

    The person I want to meet the most is the U.S. Marine who shot and killed Osama Bin Laden, so I can give him the watch because he deserves it so much more.

  • http://- Andrew

    Steve McQueen – Master of cool.

  • Bryan

    Luke Donald; even he will be jealous of this watch.

  • Cheryl

    Jennifer Beals – gorgeous and brilliant

  • Jonathan

    I’d like to run into the other winner so we can discuss how frickin’ styling we look.

  •!/halwerner Hal

    Rori or Lorelai Gilmore…or both #couldgetweird #nerdcrush

  • avilla35

    Any poor fool that isn’t wearing a Diesel watch and is willing to listen to me rant about how frickin’ awesome mine is. I pity tha’ fool.

  • Max

    Id run into Sofia Vergara, who would mistake me for David Beckham, and we’d film a commercial together.

  • Patrick

    I’d probably have to run from all the fly hunnies who were trying to get me & my ballin’ watch…

  • jason

    misa campo

  • Kyle

    uhhhhh, Kelly Slater? Duh? Pretty much the greatest athlete, dariesay human being, of all time? Aside from Jefferson and Superman of course.

  • Kevin Ulmer

    Flavor Flav, no question. Then we could compare time with my Diesel and his wall clock. It would be like Inception in real time!

  • Jay

    Arianny Celeste

  • Brandon

    I would have to go with Vin Diesel and tell him while I’m wearing the watch on the beach,”Now this is a Diesel I like!”

  • lplit

    It would DEFINITELY be Steve McQueen, I’d bring lots of cold beer and spend a night talking with him.


  • Neil

    Any member of Greenpeace to show them that diesel and sea water can be a good combo

  • Travis

    Who would i run into the waves with you ask? well that’s kind of a personal question but for a sweet watch like that. id run into the waves and surf with one of my many alter egos. wait, now your going to ask me why? well you better not be asking me many questions because i have got a lot to do! well id enjoy the company of my alternate self because he is awesome like NPH (Barney Stenson) awesome. check it this guy would hit the waves with me and bam we are riding diamond surf boards with Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba Old Spice style then bam we would be in a cabin in Alaska in the middle of winter by the fire and what with Kim Kardashain and Jessica Alba. STAY WITH ME HERE PEOPLE! alright now that your in the same boat as me, my alter ego Xong and i are in a cabin we decide to hit the slope and what? that watch is still strapped to my arm and im looking awesome because i won this watch! thanks Cool Material your awesome!

  • Garit Heaton

    Patrick Rothfuss

  • Mark

    I would love to run into Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger and say “What the heck were you thinking”???

  • djelking

    andriana lima!