Cool Material’s Big Ass Giveaway 2012 Winners

The aptly named Big Ass Giveaway has finally drawn to a close. Thanks to everyone who entered.

12 people won one really cool item from the Big Ass Giveaway. Here are the items and the winners who won them:

1. Mission Workshop VX Small Rucksack (Black) – Christopher C. from Miami, FL
2. Marshall Major Pitch Black Headphones – Scott B. from Westford, MA
3. Blokkey – Jesse P. from Kings Point, NY
4. All 6 styles of Word. Notebooks – Tyler A. from St Charles, MO
5. Aiaiai Pipe Earphones – James E. from Brighton, Australia
6. Bar10Der – Rick M. from New Lenox, IL
7. BRZN Bullet Shell Bracelet – Aleece K. from Magee, MS
8. $50 Shop Cool Material Gift Card – Wendi S.
9. Hexagon Concrete Coasters (set of 4) – Jeremy J. from Omaha, NE
10. Bill Murray Coloring Book – (Check your email!)
11. The Every Occasion Card (8pk) – Sean I. from Bellingham, WA
12. Middle Finger Key – Brian K. from Powhatan, VA

And the Grand Prize Winner, who wins one of everything on that list, is (drumroll please):

Robert B. from Charleston, SC

Congratulations to everyone who won.


  • Dave


  • Justin Bartels

    Seeing a lot of East Coast bias goin down!

  • Shea Hausen

    No west coast love!

  • Eta1425

    East coast bias? Washington state, Missouri, Australia, Nebraska, Mississippi… That’s half of the named locations. How is that biased? And even if it were, where do you think the majority of the population resides? its certainly not west of the Mississippi.

  • alias

    This is most likely just a hoax and a way to promote the site.

  • Sad Mark, who couldn’t win :(

    People talking about it being east-biased… HAH! You want to talk about biased? The contest was strictly for US residents.