Cool Material’s Big Ass Giveaway

This year’s Big Ass Giveaway is bigger (and assier?) than ever. We’re giving away over $2200+ worth of seriously awesome prizes to ease your holiday spending woes. Besides one of the sharpest looking speakers to come out this year, the Marshall Stanmore, we selected some of our favorite products from our Cool Material Shop to give away to a bunch of lucky readers. Not only will we be giving away each of the items pictured as individual prizes, but one person is gonna take home one of everything.


If you’re already on our email list, leave a comment below. If you win, we’ll verify that you’re already on the list.


  • Rust

    I’m in. Thanks!

  • Rayray Cartucci

    OMG! I love all this awesome stuff! I wanna win the BIG ASS GIVEAWAY!

  • Steve

    I’m in!

  • SevenG

    Why not?

  • pedleymj

    Great stuff here

  • Marius Moeslund Eriksen

    One international contestant :)

  • Joseph Bingham

    ooh me me me

  • Bruce Satow

    I wanna be the lucky SOB that wins! Santa are you listening?

  • Nikunj Damani

    Pick me, I want to win.

  • TomSix404

    I Want The Big Ass Giveaway!

  • bombdrop

    I want to win!

  • Jason Beckham

    You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

  • Miguel B

    This is the best giveaway!

  • zach

    Great giveaway! Hope I win!!!!


    I need a metal comb with a beer bottle opener!!!

  • Richard Peppers


  • Tarek AI

    You guys are awesome ! You always make me want to buy everything you offer ! Cheers !

  • Ringlordwillie

    Happy, happy, joy, joy!!

  • Rob

    Love the site. Hoping all the day watching pays off.

  • Matt


  • Jake B.

    Hell’s Bells I want to win this! Love this site!

  • Sam I ain’t

    As a man with a big ass, I can appreciate these prizes.

  • Jeff Altomari

    Fantastic. Would be an epic way to start 2014.

  • stonediger

    Any one of the item’s would be a cool ass prize but to win all of them would knock me on my ass for sure.

  • D


  • J M

    Very cool gear! Please enter me in your drawing.

  • Chris R

    i like free things

  • Carla

    I want all of this!!!! So sweet

  • TammyW

    I want to win!! So much cool stuff. Winning would make 2013 a CoolMaterial kinda year.

  • Maika

    Well it would be nice to win

  • Brian Bjarnason


  • Jon Gamble

    A Big Ass would be very handy as a bike rack… or a bean bag.

  • Stephanie Lawty

    Sweet. I want!

  • TK

    I hope I win!! Thanks for doing this!!

  • Zach Brehm

    If you can’t find anyone willing to take that speaker, feel free to send it my way.

  • Josh

    I think I am in but here we try again

  • Mel

    Love to win! :)

  • steve

    pick me

  • Eddie Pereira

    Gimme gimme gimme

  • Guy Delia

    Im in, wouldnt mind free stuff

  • kohl

    I want it all!!!

  • justinbartels

    What does mine say? Sweet!

  • Mike Solomon

    Everything looks awesome!

  • No Name

    Just wish I would have found your store before Christmas!

  • Matthew J Kamprath

    Your hard work in finding all these unique items is appreciated (by more people than just myself).

  • Kevin Smith

    Yes, please!

  • willself

    Awesome Big Ass Giveaway! Great stuff. I want!

  • Melike Vardar

    I want these. I want all Cool Material shop, because I want to feel like a real gentleman. And because you showed us how to be modern day’s Steve McQueen. And I’m not even a man. WTF.

    I wish you all a new year drunk & happy as fuck.

  • ATX77

    My mother always said I was a winner!

  • Sjoerd de Jong

    I would love to win! These items are nice!