Cool Material’s Big Ass Giveaway

This year’s Big Ass Giveaway is bigger (and assier?) than ever. We’re giving away over $2200+ worth of seriously awesome prizes to ease your holiday spending woes. Besides one of the sharpest looking speakers to come out this year, the Marshall Stanmore, we selected some of our favorite products from our Cool Material Shop to give away to a bunch of lucky readers. Not only will we be giving away each of the items pictured as individual prizes, but one person is gonna take home one of everything.


If you’re already on our email list, leave a comment below. If you win, we’ll verify that you’re already on the list.


  • angel

    I have my eyes on that marshal speaker!


    how did i miss when this was posted… sign me up

  • Kevin Celestino

    All these would certainly make up for the ugly sweater with matching socks Santa gave me for Christmas.

  • Jose Carreras

    I deserve it all!

  • Zack Southwell

    As I begin a new career in sales, there’s no shortage of uses I have for pretty much everything there.

  • Luis Sanchez


  • Dustin Rhodes

    Gimme the ass

  • Brian Bock

    All of these items will make my NYE hangover so much less painful.

  • uhlexsay

    Please pick me!

  • Joe O

    Lots of awesome stuff in this one.

  • cole

    Count me in. Can’t go wrong with any of this stuff.

  • Steve Fisher

    I can’t win cos I’m not in the US but its still fun to enter 😛

  • walter


  • Jashpall Singh

    woohoo!!!!!! what a way to start 2014

  • boykie

    Aiiiiight! Happy new year….

  • Lindsay

    Assier is always better.

  • Charlie A


  • Charlie A

    gimme gimme gimme

  • ibwebb

    Incredible things! I want it all!

  • Jordan


  • Michael


  • Destro66

    My mom came to visit for Christmas and still hasn’t left. I need a win.

  • gennie t


  • Josh Duben

    Fingers crossed

  • C2theO

    Awesome giveaway!

  • David Gussio

    Fingers crossed.

  • Phil Rau

    Excited! I want ALL the things!

  • Brian Scasta

    Count me in. I want the Marshall Bluetooth

  • Jack Silverstein

    The Marshall is beyond sweet

  • Casey

    It’s tomorrow and i still didn’t know it was going on. Sign me up, enter me in this thing!

  • Travis Mcknight

    Very cool.

  • Andrew C

    10/10, would bang.

  • justin

    Such an awesome collection. I love it all.

  • samansta

    Stoked I discovered this website today… my man is straight up warrior and all of these products fit his style perfectly, which helps me a LOT! Keep up this badass work!

  • disqus_jlvI4EjLzH

    Fingers crossed!

  • Michael Hoffmann

    Sometimes you want to win a prize really really badly. This is one of those times.

  • Willozwisp

    First saw this site on Houzz. Quite impressed. Novel.

  • Jim Dobbs

    Ok. bring it on. I wanna win! love your stuff and culture.

  • Gabe Rose For Higher

    i need dis.

  • Eddie Alvarez

    quiero ganar cool stuff

  • Jacob Wollner

    Awesome! The Douk Douk knife is sweet lookin’

  • Jacob Wollner

    Oh, the aluminum dice are cool too!

  • Casey

    Have the winners been identified? Haven’t seen anything on your site, and I look everyday!