Cool Material x Huckberry Giveaway [Closed]

Not only are we curating a sale over at Huckberry right now, but we’re giving you a chance to win one of the items in it. Getting in on the action is easy, just follow the simple steps below:


1. Sign up over at Huckberry. As a bonus, for being a new subscriber, Huckberry will give you $5 off if you place an order.

2. Take a look through all the awesome products in our curated sale.

3. Leave a comment on this post with the one item in the sale you’d like to win the most. (Any item from the sale—not just what’s pictured here.)

We’ll pick two winners at random on Tuesday July 23rd. Each of the two winners will get the item they selected. Good luck and don’t forget to pick up some of the gear before the sale ends!


  • NathanCT

    I would be delighted to posses my own BioLite. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • novasnax

    Aether Jacket, no questions asked.

  • Nate

    winner, winner, chicken dinnner!

  • Matt

    I think I’d have to go with the Pack Axe

  • YES


  • Scott Kirkwood

    I want the gerber down range, and the bush knife, and the aether henley…. Ok just the down range. Thanks CM.

  • marktropolis

    Braven 625S, would be a nice addition to the kit.

  • seany

    would love some of the word notebooks 😀

  • juan salas

    without a doubt the aether jacket

  • Cale

    Id love to win the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk. I’ve wanted it since they first came out with it but cant afford it right now.

  • daurad6

    aether space jacket in graphite!

  • Kenny

    The A-Jays four(black) would be awesome to replace my iPhone headphones that were jacked from the gym…Maybe they did me a favor o_O

  • Steve Swingle

    Camp Harmonica for me… Thanks!

  • Joe

    That Bush Smarts Blanket is something else.

  • Sean Flores

    The Braven 625S piques my interest, hands down

  • joe

    Gerber Downrange Tomahawk would be rad!!!

  • Tony

    The Downrange Tomahawk, please.

  • T.ATL

    The Rambler Rolltop Backpack….is….awesome.

  • galos11

    The Gerber Downrange Tomahawk just looks awesome

  • Stefano

    I am all about the Braven portable speakers, i don’t really care which one they all seem awesome, although the 570 is the cleanest looking one. I tried to design a portable speaker for when i go for bike rides as my Senior Design thesis but wasn’t able to, so if i got this it would be awesome. Thanks.

  • EBBerry

    Those Biolite camp stoves have been on my mind for a while. It would be great to have one to play with

  • Tyler G

    That Gerber downrange tomahawk would be great for my thru-hiking this summer! Thanks!

  • scottsooch

    Gerber Downrange Tomahawk for me please.

  • gabriel1240

    That Downrange Tomahawk is certainly awesome

  • Levi OBrien

    625S Braven would be an excellent addition to my weekend plans.

  • Don Woodruff

    I need a new bike. The Siddhartha-7 (grey) looks like the perfect thing to ride around on!

  • MartinGarrett

    The Pack Axe would come in handy

  • Alastor Polanco


  • MartinGarrett

    Downrange tomahawk

  • JackLumber

    Beard…check, wilderness…check, unquenchable thirst for bacon…check, something to hold my pants up while on the trail of the elusive Sasquatch…the Woodsman Suspenders are a must have.

  • Tekarra Wilkinson

    The Bio Lite camp stove forrrrr sure.

  • soigne3

    It’s only a matter of time! I need a downrange tomahawk for the zombie apocalypse!

  • Tyler

    I would like to win the BRV-1!

  • Jeff

    The Downrange Tomahawk is awesome

  • Michael Reddish

    I NEED that BRV-1 so I can “lay down” some “funky fresh beats,” I think that’s what the kids say these days. No, seriously… I need one of those!

  • r0cketfr0g

    I’d love one of those Gerber Downrange Tomahawks

  • I. Anderson

    The Aether Space Jacket (Total Eclipse)!

  • o4gsxr6oo

    I really would like to win the Braven BRV-1 Blue but it’s sold out on your curated sale….Close second would be the Braven-625S. This would be an awesome win! Consider it a late wedding gift for me 😉

  • Aaron Cross

    I’d like to win the Downrange Hawk for sure or the Biolite. Both are essential gear.

  • ajbit

    Parking is such a b*#&$ in LA! Help a brother out and let me ride in style with the Saint Urban (Silver-53cm).

  • Jonathan Blanchet

    Downrange Tomahawk is the best …no doubt about it …that’s what I want….give me give me give me

  • Supry

    Need to charge up my phone with that Biolite!

  • boostANDadrenaline

    Looking downrange, zombies in my path, i realize the worlds relying on me, but i don’t have a Downrange Tomahawk to save the world so OH WELL!

  • Garth Vader

    Tellason Denim Straight Leg 16.5oz.

  • Antwain


  • Nutriahunter

    I would love nothing better than to get a BRV-1 (GREY) speaker to jam out on my camping trips with the fiance!

  • TinkerTroy

    The Retropspec Siddhartha-7 (Green) 50CM

  • Dan A.

    I would love a BioLite

  • bbydon

    The Aether Space Jacket is awesome

  • Gee

    Tellason coverall will keep me warm and stylish whilst I wait out the zombie apocalypse…..