2009: Year of the Boob


Apparently this new year – the first of the new decade – is affectionately going to be called Twenty-ten and not two thousand and ten, two thousand ten, or two oh ten. Seriously, there’s a movement for it and everything. Some people are far too concerned with function and not style when referring to years. Take 2009 for instance.

We could refer to it as the year of Lil Wayne, Uncharted 2, Obama, or even Jersey Shore (the horror!) but Daniela Jacobs has a much simpler – and much more sexy – opinion. 2009 will now forever be referred to as The Year of the Boob (The word boob is in the link, do you really need the NSFW? Don’t click it at work.). Daniela cuts through all the marketing hype and boils down the last fashion trend of 2009 – wearing what God gave you. Here’s hoping someone comes up with something equally insightfully sexy as we look back on Twenty-ten.

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