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The Grills of the 2014 New York Auto Show

There’s something about seeing an aggressive front-end in your rear-view mirror that just gets your pulse going. We walked the floor at this year’s New York International Auto Show to snap some of the grills that caught our attention.


  • edro3111

    What’s happened to designers? Seems like there are oodles of new cars with those huge gaping front ends with acres of black or expanded metal grills and such. Always reminded me of someone who tore the front end of their car off in an accident and they hadn’t had time to fix it yet.

  • Tashajo107

    So my car is on here how do I go about making it look as awesome as the picture on here lol!

  • Dan

    So you have a Golf ?

  • Robert Dominic Wilkey

    That Audi is so nice… that blue Lexus is SO BAD