The Weekend Agenda

Every Friday we’ll get you hooked up with some solid weekend plans. These are the things we think you should watch, read or do over the next few days. 1 LOOK AT THIS: “In the Rain” - Remi Kozdra & Kasia Baczulis (NSFW) - Kozdra Baczulis 2 READ THIS: The Most Popular Cars in Hip-Hop - Medium 3 MAKE ... continue reading
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GOODS: Small-Batch Colognes

Goods: Small-Batch Colognes There are few things we hate more than picking out a new cologne. You go through fifteen different cardboard strips sprayed with samples to end up with nothing more than a headache and a bag with the same cologne you’ve probably been wearing for decades. Cool Water is great and all, ... continue reading

The World’s First Smart Ceiling Fan – Haiku with SenseME Technology SPONSORED

Haiku® with SenseME™ is the world's first smart ceiling fan, and using it will actually save you money. Each is made in the USA and comes with an onboard computer to monitor room conditions and adjust the fan's speed automatically to keep you comfortable. It'll also help you save up to 30% on air conditioning in the summer and 25% on heating costs in the winter. Each Haiku is tested in a state-of-the-art sound chamber to ensure it's completely silent. You can even control it through a smartphone app. It's time for a smarter ceiling fan; it's time for Haiku with SenseME. ... check it out
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New Black Series From Ugmonk

Ugmonk was started as a brand centered around a love of typography and minimal design. That has never been more apparent than it is with the release of their new Black Series Part II. Ampersand mouse pad, aluminum sign, crewneck, cap and wallet. Plus Minus tee. Waxed canvas messenger bag. Tees with mountains and letters ... continue reading
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8 New Apps You Should Know

Instead of wading through the massive amount of new app releases searching for a few diamonds in the rough, just let us be your guide. This is a collection of our favorite new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure. The Branch If you're looking for a game that's as simple and fun as it is ... continue reading
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Leica Q

Leica has a cult-like following even Steve Jobs era Apple couldn't match. Which is a good thing since, like the aforementioned Cupertino king, their goods don't come cheap. So while you might get sticker shock looking at the new Leica Q, just know it might be the greatest Leica yet (assuming you dig a prime lens). ... continue reading
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WoodSnap Tattoos Your Photos Onto Wood SPONSORED

What looks like a piece of wood with an image printed on it is actually something so much more. WoodSnap uses a 10-step tattoo-like process to actually infuse ink into wood, so you're left with an incredibly unique, extremely durable, and sharp piece of art based on one or more of your photographs. And because of ... continue reading
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Weekly Style Finds

Weekly Style Finds Sifting through menswear trends and labels is too much for the average guy. Why would you want to spend your day researching when you know 99% of the things you’d find you’d never wear? A better option: Weekly Style Finds. Each week we’ll bring you some of our favorite new items so you ... continue reading
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