adidas Sneakers Inspired By Beer

Sneakers inspired by a brewery might bring to mind something really self-promotional that would be sold at Spencer's. That's not the case here, where adidas has teamed up with Sneakernstuff, a Swedish shoe store, and Stockholm Brewing Company to craft a line of sneakers that, while inspired by beer, look really good. ... continue reading
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BOLT2 – The World’s Smallest 2.4A Battery Backup + Wall Charger SPONSORED

FLUXMOB BOLT is the world's smallest battery backup and wall charger combined. It's awesome, but based on feedback, FLUXMOB went ahead and improved on the original. Introducing: BOLT². FLUXMOB was able to double the capacity to 6000mAh, add a second USB port, and most importantly, they more than doubled the output to 2.4A. What does that all mean? It means you can charge your phones and tablets at the same time and up to 4x faster than standard USB. Despite these performance upgrades, BOLT² is still ultra compact. TAKE CHARGE with BOLT². ... check it out
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How to Score a Boxing Match

You may have heard there's a little boxing match this weekend. But, since the glory days of boxing are behind us, it may have been a while since you've actually watched a fight. Before you shell out the money to watch Mayweather-Pacquiao, let's brush up on how the funky scoring works—because, let's be honest, ... continue reading
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TID No.1 Watch SHOP

Minimal is in. But strip away too much and you’re left with something boring and bland. TID’s No.1 watch is minimal in the most stunning way. The No.1 Watch is crafted from stainless steel, milled, and then given a black ion coating for durability. The face is devoid of any branding—or much of anything, for that ... continue reading
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The New Nomads

The New Nomads is a celebration of freedom. It's about not being tied down to a place or a particular life. The new book from Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann, and Michelle Galindo documents the lifestyle of the modern urban nomad. Highlighting the mobile furniture, workspaces, and digital tools these people use to make ... continue reading
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Mini Q Key Organizer and EDC Knife

Your everyday carry collection can quickly turn into a can't carry collection if you aren't careful. The key is to always be simplifying and paring down. With that in mind, check out the Mini Q. The tiny device not only organizes your mess of keys, but it also stores a slick and sharp pocketknife. Available in either ... continue reading
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Ltd Smoking Tools

All those "for tobacco use only" pipes of yours that haven't seen much use since college? Throw them out. Hell, you might not even need a vape anymore if you have one of these Ltd Tools pipes. Designed, developed, prototyped and potentially over-engineered, each of the two new 2015 releases from Ltd Tools is made from ... continue reading

Tuesday Link Roundup

1 Cabin Fever - C-Heads 2 True Detective Motion Posters - Cool Material 3 Original Names of Famous Bands - Billboard 4 Kite Fighting - Vimeo 5 10 Making-Of Documentaries Better Than the Actual Films - Observation Deck 6 Wes Anderson's Violence - Vimeo 7 Kanye's First Beats CD From 2001 - Yeezer 8 ... continue reading
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Our Favorite Watches for Any Budget

Our Favorite Watches for Any Budget Collectively, we have a lot of wrists at the Cool Material office. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough wrists for all the watches we want. Instead of asking each guy here for a list of all their favorite timepieces they’d buy if they grew more arms, we told them to select ... continue reading