Knight of Cups – Official Trailer

We can safely say this trailer for Knight of Cups is unlike any trailer you've seen before. On one hand, it looks like a low-budget party flick filmed on a handheld camera. On the other, it stars Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, and Cate Blanchett. Then you realize it's directed and written by Terrence Malick, and ... continue reading
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Gifts for the Outdoorsmen SHOP

Man cannot conquer nature with his bare hands. Before you take your next camping trip or wild excursion, gear up in the Cool Material Shop. Our Outdoors section is loaded with pocket knives. camping gear, mini flashlights, and a slew of clever little devices to make your next battle with Mother Nature an easy one. For that one item to complete your pack, or to revamp your entire collection, we've got you covered. ... check it out
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Gift Guide: Tech

Gift Guide: Tech That hot new piece of tech has always been a fallback gift for the guy you can’t shop for. But latest doesn’t always equal greatest. Before you go dropping a decent amount of cash on some shiny electronic shot in the dark, consider one of these that get our stamp of approval. .container: ... continue reading
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The Sunday Hangover

1 Vincent Perraud Photography - Tumblr 2 How to Pair Shoes and Suits - i5 3 Underwater Martial Artists - Fightland Vice 4 How-To: Eat Live Octopus - Youtube 5 American Spaceship Infographic - Sploid 6 Hemingway Novels As 15-Second Videos - Esquire 7 The Guide to Knit Caps - Kempt 8 The Best Bottles ... continue reading
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Brew Candles Smell Like Beer

After a long day, nothing smells better than the citrusy aroma of a popped IPA or the warm and roasty scent of a heavy stout. Since sometimes we don't feel like drinking (mornings?), Brew Candles can deliver some lovely beer aroma to our home whenever we like. Each hand-poured 8oz soy wax candle from Swag Brewery was ... continue reading
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Gift Guide: Guy With A 6-Pack

Gift Guide: Guy With A 6-Pack No, we’re not talking about a 6-pack of beer, we’re talking about the guy who rarely drinks a 6-pack, and when he does, it’s usually Amstel Light. This is a collection of gifts for the active guy who seriously cares about his health. Skip the infomercial ab products, and pick ... continue reading

STEAL: Up To 50% Off At Hypebeast

Check your credit card balances ladies and gentlemen because Hypebeast is currently running a sale for "up to 50% off selected Fall/Winter 2014 collections." Carharrt Work in Progress, Stussy, Terrapin Stationers, Diemme, Herschel, Gitman Bros Vintage and plenty of other brands, at prices we've never seen before. You ... continue reading
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Making The Iconic Tudor Fabric Strap SPONSORED

For the last four years, Tudor has offered an additional fabric strap with each watch in their Heritage line. This strap has become iconic. A Tudor staple. A way to make your timepiece stylish and casual. But the iconic fabric strap is no mere afterthought. The Tudor Workshop teamed up with one of the few traditional ... continue reading