The Big Book of Breasts 3D

There’s a reason The Big Book of Breasts continues to be one of the most popular things on Cool Material. It’s a giant coffee table book filled with enormous, hi def pictures of huge boobs. Obviously it’s also the only book (other than The Big Butt Book) we’ve read cover to cover in quite some time. How could anyone possibly improve on something we already thought was perfect? By putting it in three dimensions. The updated version of the book includes 90 fan favorite images from the first, along with 18 brand new, titillating photos. The augmented racks are all presented in standard red/blue anaglyph 3D, viewable with two separate pairs of the funky glasses. That means you get one pair for you and one pair for her, or one backup pair for when the first gets dirty. Just be careful when you take the motorboat out because you don’t want to get papercuts on your lips.

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