8 New Tracks You Should Know

Since buying full albums is basically a thing of the past, you probably have a lot of tracks to listen to while trying to find new songs to download or add to your Spotify playlists. Every few weeks we’re going to help you out with 8 new ones you should know.

New Tracks You Should Know (May) by Cool Material on Grooveshark

1. Collected Works by Ace Reporter
Amazon: MP3 Album
2. You – Ha Ha Ha by Charli XCX
Amazon: MP3 Album
3. Til Tomorrow by Dwntwn
Amazon: Mp3 Album
4. Far Alone by G-Eazy E-40
Amazon: MP3 Album
5. We Are Together by Planet of Sound
6. Misty Moses by Rodrigo y Garbirela
Amazon: MP3 Album
7. Picking up All the Peices by Stange Talk
Amazon: MP3 Album
8. Water Fountain by Tune-Yards
Amazon: MP3 Album
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