Women of Comic-Con 2013


The floor of the San Diego Convention Center during Comic-Con is way beyond packed. In fact, it gets so full that cosplayers just spill out into the streets of The Gaslamp Quarter and jam them too. We waded through the spandex-clad waters to get a few shots of the women who donned some pretty awesome outfits.


  • Jeff the Perthian

    What’s No 23 supposed to be anyway?
    I guess it does not matter. She and No 3 are my favorite ones.

  • Chec

    Witchblade I guess…

  • deadpool

    These are great outfits and I truly admire the work that went into them, these women are very talented and they all look beautiful in their outfits, but I’m slightly annoyed that there appear to be no outfits which dont display their stomach, boobs, legs or body in general. Surely there must have been other female cosplayers dressed in less revealing costumes? And the fact that they arent on here makes me feel like the only female cosplayers worth noticing are the confident ones who put their bodies on display. Female cosplayers aren’t here purely for nerdy boys to gawk at as they walk around showing off their tits, theyre here because they enjoy these franchises and want to show that by making costumes and dressing up. Making this page full of women in sexual or revealing costumes makes me feel like female cosplayers are very objectified and that we dont count unless we’re showing some flesh. If a girl is confident enough to show off her body and wants to wear a revealing or sexy costume, that is completely fine, but I’d like to see a wider range of cosplays and costumes next time.