Tuesday Link Roundup


G-Raww (NSFW) – Gavin Glave (via MashKulture)

How a Bean Becomes a Fart – Vimeo

The Scientific Best Cheese For Pizza – Engadget

How to Protect Your Nude Photos – Mashable

Each Country’s Booze of Choice – Vox

10 Food Docs You Should See – Cool Material

The World’s Favorite Hangover Cure is Coming to the US – Business Week

34 Cookbooks to Look For This Fall – Food Republic

Your Brain on Coffee – ASAP Science


  • Charles

    What is with the pics with women portrayed in this manner?
    I never see pics of men looking like this.
    What a PIG you are.

  • Daniel Zaryi

    This is an online Men’s website. The women aren’t portrayed in a sexual manner. Stop being a fucking twat.

  • Rupert

    @ Charles- It’s as simple as clicking elsewhere.