The 20 Sexiest Album Covers of All Time

CDs are on their deathbed, and while vinyl has experienced a bit of a hipster renaissance, album covers aren’t nearly as important as they used to be. This makes us sad. We remember the days when some of the artwork was wall worthy. Not just the artistically designed, but also the ridiculously sexy. These are the 20 sexiest album covers we would have framed and put up in our room.

20. She Wants Revenge – She Wants Revenge


19. Sandra Lawrence – Noiresque


18. Wild Cherry – Wild Cherry


17. Basement Jaxx – Remedy


16. Rihanna – Talk That Talk


15. Placebo – Sleeping With Ghosts


14. Robert Palmer – Pressure Drop


13. Anthony Ventura Orchestra – Music For Making Love Vol 1


12. Sade – Love Deluxe


11. Ohio Players – Honey


10. Paulina Rubio – Border Girl


9. Eddie Higgins – You Don’t Know What Love Is


8. Hurricane – Slave to the Thrill


7. Sex Slaves – Bite Your Tongue


6. Rollins Band – Nice


5. Ween – Chocolate & Cheese


4. Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – Whipped Cream & Other Delights


3. The Strokes – Is This It


2. O’Donel Levy – Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky


1. Sugar Ray – Lemonade & Brownies



  • Chris Smith

    Really?! Roxy Music didn’t make the cut?

  • Fares Kargar

    Your missing the Maroon 5, “Hands All Over ” album cover

  • Raymond David Lilley

    What happened to Golden Earing’s Moon Tan album? You know, the one that was banned and recalled? Come on!

  • Michael Ochs

    Ohio Players “Honey”… I’m glad you put that in here… that was the first one to jump into my head… ironically, the album jacket is actually a bi-folded jacket (to hold 2 albums, opens like a book) and that inner photo is oh so much better, the real “sweet treat.” Yummy.

  • dpamac

    I am also shocked at the lack of Roxy Music.

  • Pelle

    But What about Fausto Papetti’s covers??

  • Steven R. Brown

    No Roxy Music? FAIL……

  • alan helms

    Janet Jackson CD if was not no her ether

  • cmcgimpsey

    What about Amorica by The Black Crowes?

  • Sri745

    No Electric Lady cover? The one that was banned/redesigned? That definitely deserves to be in the top 5.

  • j.b.

    woefully neglected: The Cars “Candy-O” + Roxy Music “Country Life”.

  • disqus_c6Td2457ob

    You forgot “Scorpions” ” Love Drive” The original cover!