Star Wars: Episode 8008


If George Lucas were as good at marketing as he is at bastardizing childhood memories, he would have hired Mark Greenawalt to do publicity for the recent Star Wars abortions. If Lucas had, Greenawalt’s art would likely have exponentially increased sales figures, public acceptance of the movie (or maybe just slightly decreased the hatred), and Lucas wouldn’t have ended up a redneck in South Park.

Why would Mark Greenawalt been capable of fixing the New Trilogy? Artistic chops and body paint, lots and lots of body paint. Most painters work on canvas or paper and the most unconventional work on materials like drywall and plywood – but not Greenawalt. Greenawalt paints on something we can all get behind… a naked woman. (You wouldn’t look at pictures of Star Wars at work, so don’t look at naked Star Wars at work either.) He has devoted his time and considerable skill to many such canvases with subject matters sure to excite the little boy in you.