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By combining some of our favorite materials, Graf Lantz crafts some damn handsome valets. Using vegetable tanned leather, the craftsmen form a tray suited for your everyday carry. Then, for a unique and inviting interior, the duo leveraged thick denim and comfortable felt. The result?  A unique combination of textures and aging possibilities. Use one for your wallet, keys, and loose pocket items you grab on the daily. Made in Los Angeles, these valets are a welcome addition to any dresser or nightstand.


Tired of stuffing your pockets with gear? Don’t want to carry a bulky backpack everyday? With a NutSac bag, you can keep your all everyday carry essentials within arm’s reach without the extra bulk. Made in the USA with high-quality materials like waxed canvas and full grain leather, every one of the “NutSacs” in the collection is built to be beaten up and guaranteed for life. With different sizes based on your individual carrying needs, there’s at least one simple, comfortable and rugged bag that fits like a glove.