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This Stylus/Pen is Made From Bamboo and Aluminum


Whereas most pens feel cold and mechanical, the use of bamboo in crafting the Eco-Essential Pen makes it feel like a more inviting writing instrument. On top of that, since bamboo matures in just 4-6 years and its roots remain intact after harvesting, the use of it in crafting products is a far more sustainable option than other hardwoods. Couple it with a dash of aluminum, and it also happens to be straight-up sexy. The Eco-Essential Pen can be used as a pen with a Pilot Hi-Tec-C or G2 insert or it can function as a stylus with the included tip. It’s a nice step up from a chewed-up Bic.

ZYX Flask ZYX Flask

The flask, by nature, is a clandestine item. It slips in and out of interior suit pockets on the sly. Why not bring an added dose of covertness to the whole ordeal with this All Black ZYX Flask. The stainless steel flask sports a mysterious motif that’s supported by the alphabet being curiously printed in reverse on the front. Each All Black ZYX Flask holds 6 ounces of the good stuff. If an MI6 agent were to take a swig on the job, we like to imagine this would be his flask of choice.

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