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The Knives Every Guy Needs In His Kitchen

If you’re using a junky set of kitchen knives, stop and throw them in the trash. Stocking your kitchen with quality knives will completely change the way you cook. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a dozen new ones, just invest in a few quality staples and your kitchen game will be changed forever.


  • TSkeezzy

    you don’t even have a Kramer on this list….get real.

  • Nope

    Steak should be cut prior to serving with a chef’s knife. Steak knives are unnecessary.

  • jim

    I wonder if that is more a cultural thing. It is unheard of to serve a pre-cut steak in North America. At least where I have been. Seems silly to serve a steak in bite size pieces?

    Where do you live?

  • Kiefer Lobb

    Nope, absolutely wrong. Firstly, Chicago cutlery is garbage. It’s made in Asia now, and has no warranty. The Henkel’s pieces mentioned are their cheaper series with inferior material quality, and no one should ever buy a honing steel unless they plan on sharpening their own cutlery. “sharpening” using a honing steel is wrong and voids the warrenty of any “good” brand. Honing steel is used only after sharpening with a stone. Also, if someone only uses a single blade for everything, it is incredibly stupid. Using a single piece for multiple things allows for the piece of break and wear out beyond recognition from cutting heavy duty foods,

  • Scooter