Nude Water Color Paintings by Greg Stones

There’s no question that the female form is the most beautiful work of art and that there’s absolutely nothing shameful about displaying it. The girls at Mardi Gras know this to be true and so does water color painter Greg Stones. His series of watercolor paintings depict girls showing off their goodies in all kinds of awesome situations. Anyone who admires the human form can understand what the artist is trying to portray in his piece “Bigfoot Sees Breasts” or “Flashing a Ballplayer.” Each painting makes the statement that breasts are beautiful it its own unique way. Perhaps just as good as the art itself, is the artist’s statement: “I paint what I want to paint. The lucky coincidence is that large numbers of people happen to like what I paint, so we all win. You get technically sharp paintings with a sense or humor and/or narrative, and I get to live with two dogs and a top-notch wife. Thanks!”

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