Call Girls Wallpaper

There are a million-and-one things that could turn a girl off from the moment you meet her to the moment you make it back to your place (we’re talking sex people). If we are being honest, this wallpaper may be one of those landmines. In fact, you might be better off leaving porn up on your MacBook. Now, that being said, slapping this Call Girls Wallpaper up is also a great way to find out if she’s into art and tasteful nudity (definition of “tasteful” may vary). The x-rated design features a handful of poster ads you might see in the back of a foreign magazine or strewn about a city. If your virgin eyes can’t handle it (or if your mom pays you frequent visits) you can always cover the fun areas with the green star stickers the wallpaper comes with.

$128 buy By More: Art, Home.