Unless you plan on living on Jiffy Pop and domestic beer for the entirety of the time you spend camping (if that works for you, go for it), you’re going to need to cook something at some point. We’re not necessarily opposed to frozen slabs of meat and pasteurized processed cheese product if it’s absolutely necessary, but we can all do better. That’s where Tiktaalik comes in. Their first product, this field knife set, came about because of a “desire to evolve, simplify and distill the traditional cooking knife into a tool equally appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.” Using Swedish Sandvik steel, Tiktaalik has created a paring knife, a serrated knife and a chef’s knife that are all compact, ergonomic, lightweight, efficient and capable of being cleaned in less than 10 seconds. The quality is the same you’d find in any professional kitchen, but you can use easily use these around the campfire.