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Whether you’re talking about flashlights, multi-tools, pens or pocket knives, when it comes to your EDC it’s a fair bet there’s at least one durable, effective and innovative tool available from CRKT that will fit the bill. Case in point: one of their latest releases–the CRKT Raikiri Knife design by Dew Hara in Seki, Japan. The recent winner for most innovative knife design at the 2018 SHOT Show, the Raikiri leverages Japanese design influence, innovative design and an incredibly sharp blade to create a knife that looks and feels like a samurai sword from the future built for your everyday carry. The EDC folder has a wharncliffe blade just under 4″ made of stainless and finished in satin, which is perfect for everything from hunting and fishing to everyday jobs. And when the knife inevitably gets dirty, the innovative new Field Strip technology allows you to disassemble and clean it in the field–without the use of any tools. This might not be the legendary Raikiri of Japanese lore that’s said to have sliced a bolt of lightning in two, but this is one is just as capable while also fitting in your pocket.


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