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P.E.C.K. stands for Precision Engineered Compact Knife, and that’s an apt description for this blade. The P.E.C.K. Knife weighs less than an ounce and measures a measly 2.625” when closed. But before you go thinking this is a joke-y toy knife, listen up. The 1.75” Wharncliffe blade is razor sharp and ideal for a slew of daily tasks. Complete with a black corrosion resistant coating and a thumb stud for one-handed opening, the P.E.C.K. Knife will assist you on the sly for many years to come. Drop one in your camping bag or keep one in your pocket for all the random tasks life throws at you.


Tired of stuffing your pockets with gear? Don’t want to carry a bulky backpack everyday? With a NutSac bag, you can keep your all everyday carry essentials within arm’s reach without the extra bulk. Made in the USA with high-quality materials like waxed canvas and full grain leather, every one of the “NutSacs” in the collection is built to be beaten up and guaranteed for life. With different sizes based on your individual carrying needs, there’s at least one simple, comfortable and rugged bag that fits like a glove.