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Jenga is one of those games we’ll pull out when we’re downing a few beers with friends. There’s no complicated rule set and laughs are almost guaranteed as the brews go down. Plus, you never know when you’ll pull off something epic. If you don’t already have your own set, consider Jenga Ocean, a version of the popular stacking game made from recycled fishing nets. Each game is made from over 25 square feet of netting, sourced from Bureo’s Net Positiva program. The idea here is to highlight the danger of discarded fishing nets while also giving you the same party game you know and love. You’ll get the same ridiculously stressful game that will entertain any time you have friends over, only now you’re doing a little good in the process.


A pocket square is a touch of old school class. It’s an element that casually lets people know you’re a gentleman. This knife from Gerber borrows its name from the humble pocket square because it too is sharp and dressy. Eschewing superfluous design elements for a sleek, clean appearance, the Gerber Pocket Square Knife is refined and mature. The machined aluminum handle is paired with a 3” drop point blade and an ambidextrous thumb lift for one stunning folder. If James Bond relied on a pocket knife, this would be it.