Necessity may be the mother of all invention, but that doesn’t take style into account. This is exactly why we plan on putting all of our stuff in one of Fossil’s new line of Region Bags. Every piece in the new Region line is the sort of leather and plaid clad piece you’d expect to find if you went rummaging around in the back of grandpa’s closet. You’d take it out, dust it off and it’d be better than buying something off the rack. Need an everyday bag with space for your laptop? Region E/W Messenger. Easy open camera bag with space for your DSLR? Region Large Camera Case. Work messenger that makes a statement? Region Top Zip Work Bag. Weekender willing to take a beating? Region Duffle. Whatever you have to move, whenever you have to move it, Fossil’s Region Bags can do it – and make it look good.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by our friends at Fossil (Thanks Fossil!)


Your morning routine is begging for Parachute’s towels. What makes them different? Well, Parachute uses an innovative process called Aerocotton Technology, which blows air through the cotton fibers as they’re spun. That means extra fluffy towels that dry quickly. Plus, the towels are made exclusively from premium long-staple Egyptian cotton, which is the best around. Soft, absorbent, and quick-drying—Parachute’s towels offer everything you want. Your new favorite part of a long, hot shower? Drying off.