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8 Great Burger Topping Combinations

The array of possible burger topping combinations is only limited by the vastness of your mind. Want to throw pickles, a Pop-Tart, and some Swedish fish on your next patty? It might be horrendous, but who are we to stop you? If you want to go with something with a more proven track record, consider one of the following.


  • spamisafailure

    I hold strong in my belief that mayo has no place on a burger.

    My perfect combo: Bacon/Egg/Peanut Butter/BBQ

  • asmo

    Is this art possible to buy?

  • Count Chocula

    Mayo has no place on a burger but pb and bbq sauce do? Grow up peter pan.

  • kb

    that’s because you haven’t had it. Especially with Thai chili sauce. Grow up indeed.