If you don’t live near a Stumptown Coffee Roasters, you probably haven’t had the chance to experience the creamy brilliance that is their Nitro Cold Brew. That’s about to change. Stumptown just announced the release of their Nitro Cold Brew in a can. Each can delivers that luxurious mouthfeel thanks to a small widget—a la a can of Guinness. Stumptown has had the cold brew on tap at locations and has sent out kegs in the past, but this release, which will be available at select retailers and Stumptown locations, is your first chance to keep some in your fridge. Starting with high quality coffee, Stumptown cold brews the coffee for 12 hours and then puts it through a double filtration process for a full-bodied beverage with tons of flavor. Look for it soon.


Your morning routine is begging for Parachute’s towels. What makes them different? Well, Parachute uses an innovative process called Aerocotton Technology, which blows air through the cotton fibers as they’re spun. That means extra fluffy towels that dry quickly. Plus, the towels are made exclusively from premium long-staple Egyptian cotton, which is the best around. Soft, absorbent, and quick-drying—Parachute’s towels offer everything you want. Your new favorite part of a long, hot shower? Drying off.