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Counter space is at a premium when you love coffee, homebrewed beer, and a variety of other DIY beverages. Instead of prepping food on a cutting board balanced on your oven due to the appliances strewn about your kitchen, clear space with the Pico U. Pico U is a coffee maker, a beer brewer, a kombucha kit, and more. It’s a universal brewing machine. A PicoPak is all that’s necessary for beer; fresh grounds are all that’s required for piping hot coffee; and specialty drinks like iced horchata, ginger lemon kombucha, yerba mate chai tea, and vanilla cocoa cold brew need only the correct PicoPak Mini recipe kit. It’s one brewing device to rule them all, and it’s a welcome addition to any thirsty do-it-yourself-er. 


Inspired by the rich history of regatta and the yacht timer, Jack Mason’s new Regatta Timer watch focuses on functionality by prominently featuring the regatta countdown timer, an essential part of yachting and extremely accurate timekeeping. With the brand’s first ever bi-directional compass bezel and a Swiss movement, along with a sapphire crystal and 20 ATM depth rating, the Regatta Timer has all the bells and whistles. Whether you’re a casual sport customer, a yachting buff or a weekend enthusiast, the Regatta Timer is the watch for land, sea and everywhere in between.