We’ve seen plenty of fantastic inventions and products in the recent past, but nothing like the ability to make your own Johnnie Walker Edition. Anyone that’s been on either end of the groomsmen gift equation recently knows that you have options when it comes to making your own commemorative labels for bottles, but the Johnnie Walker My Edition also allows you to craft a personal blend of the good stuff. Using their new digital blend tool you can craft a unique blend of whiskies ranging from the smoky, peaty flavors of Islay to the rich, fruity notes of Speyside. Every bottle comes with a customized label, and the more expensive variants also give you options for engraving and display box packaging. We have no idea why Johhnie Walker needs to run a campaign on Indiegogo to make this happen, but the general consensus around the office is shut up and take my money! Johnny Walker My Edition has an estimated delivery in December of this year.