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Whether it’s capicola, bresaola, prosciutto, pancetta or a combination of all of them, there’s nothing quite like a tray of dry cured meats during happy hour or aperitivo. Going store-bought can be expensive, so just take matters into your own hands and make charcuterie at home with UMAi Dry. The UMAi Dry Artisan Dry Cured Meats Charcuterie Starter Kit looks like nothing more than a vacuum sealer apparatus–which is partially because of the fact it comes with a FoodSaver vacuum sealer–but the real genius comes in the unique membrane technology that creates a perfect dry curing environment you can use in any well-ventilated cooler or refrigerator without having to worry about your precious meats spoiling. That same material technology forms a bond with the proteins on the surface of the meat to allow moisture release and oxygen exchange. It’s like a vacuum sealer specifically designed, scientifically-proven and chef-approved to create the most delicious snacking meats you’ve ever had in the comfort of your own home.


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