Elevating your oil or butter to a “higher” plane is normally quite tedious and messy, but it doesn’t have to be with LEVO. Forget the double boilers, slow cookers, cheese cloth and pricey infusions because LEVO makes infusing oil and butter easy. The counter top appliance is as easy to use as a coffee or tea maker and allows to you create everything from vanilla infused coconut oil and rosemary olive oil to salt scrubs and those special kind of “holistic” additions that we’ve come to expect from entrepreneurial companies from Colorado. Best of all, once you’re done creating your most recent masterpiece all you have to do is throw the LEVO reservoir into the dishwasher for cleanup.


OLIVERS Passage Pants are obsessively engineered and built with a lightweight 4-way stretch fabric, durable materials and a streamlined design. The combination of comfort, stretch, durability and performance makes them as dependable as a pair of jeans and as comfy as a pair of sweats. Whether you’re wearing them at the office, on a weekend adventure or around the house, these pants are made for the man on the move. Ditch the denim and discover the wonder that is the OLIVERS Passage Pant.