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Homebrewing is rewarding hobby that comes with a caveat: to get good you need patience and cash. If you want to bypass the botched batches consider HOPii, a countertop unit that allows you to brew beers with the touch of a button. Yes, we know this takes out the fun DIY part of the brewing process, but it does give you fresh beer on tap and that’s something we’re fans of. They provide you with the exact ingredients the brewery uses for their beer, you pop it all into HOPii, hit a button, and wait. In a week you’ll have fresh beer on tap. If you have the time, cash, and sanitation pedigree required, start homebrewing. If you want fresh beer on tap in a jiffy, get HOPii.


Your morning routine is begging for Parachute’s towels. What makes them different? Well, Parachute uses an innovative process called Aerocotton Technology, which blows air through the cotton fibers as they’re spun. That means extra fluffy towels that dry quickly. Plus, the towels are made exclusively from premium long-staple Egyptian cotton, which is the best around. Soft, absorbent, and quick-drying—Parachute’s towels offer everything you want. Your new favorite part of a long, hot shower? Drying off.