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You probably know BrewDog from their boundary-pushing beer or their Esquire TV show about said boundary-pushing beer. Either way, soon you’ll get to know them much more intimately, as the brew buds are opening a beer hotel in Columbus, Ohio. Now this isn’t just a hotel situated near their new sour brewery, even though, yes, it is right there. The Doghouse hotel will feature a shower beer fridge in every bathroom, Punk IPA on tap in your suite, beer spa treatments (hop-infused face masks and barley massages), shampoo and body wash made from beer, and much more. The project is live on Indigogo now, and you can back it at different tiers for different rewards. There will be beer breakfasts. There will be hot tubs filled with beer. There will be hangovers aplenty. The Doghouse is expected to be up and running by the third quarter of next year, so back it now and be one of the first people to spend a glorious weekend. 


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