You done goofed. It’s the week of Christmas and you haven’t purchased a single gift yet. Even though we shared 205 good ones, you opted to pass your evenings playing video games and drinking eggnog. Your stress is hitting unheard of levels.


You know how you, like every savvy Amazon shopper, has Amazon Prime? Yeah, well, that means you can still handle all your gift buying. Problem is, there’s a lot of stuff on Amazon Prime. That’s why we put together this handy guide. This a collection of awesome products you can still order and have shipped to you in time for Christmas.


Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

Yes, a Keurig offers the gift of convenience, but a pour-over, like this contraption from Osaka, offers the gift of a better cup of coffee. That pod-based brewer will never touch something like the Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper when it comes to the quality of java produced. Not only that, we’d much rather have something this sharp on our countertop. With an eye-catching wood base, glass carafe, and stainless steel filter, the Osaka Pour-Over Dripper is an all-in-one coffee center ready to deliver a better morning pot.


Citizen Playing Cards

In need of a last-minute stocking stuffer? Allow us to suggest these playing cards from theory11. The brand sells magic tricks and seriously good-looking decks and they have their Citizen Playing Cards available for purchase through Prime. Made in the USA using FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests, the Citizen deck features illustrations from Kevin Cantrell. It will be the most stunning deck of cards they own.


AIAIAI 75071 Young Guru Preset Headphones

We’ve long been fans of AIAIAI’s appreciation for clean aesthetics, so it should comes as no surprise that we dig this set of cans. The predominantly black motif is accented by pops of red from the colorful cord. But as with all of AIAIAI’s headphones, it’s not just the looks that get us going. These suckers produce detailed sound, so you pick up all the instruments in any track. On top of that, they sit comfortably and offer a good amount of base.


The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book

Since it opened its doors in the late 1800s, the Waldorf Astoria has been a spot to see and be seen in New York City. The location inside where this iss most evident is the legendary Peacock Alley bar. Nothing pairs with people watching like a good drink, and the Peacock Alley bar offers those in spades. The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book brings together so many classic cocktail recipes from the swanky watering hole. Give it to someone and they’ll learn to make a pre-prohibition Manhattan and daiquiris how Hemingway took them. Know someone with a home bar or a penchant for homemade drinks? This will be warmly received.



Did you know indoor air can be 5x more polluted than what’s outside your door? This triggers allergies, affects sleep, and so much more. Awair is a clever and sleek way to tackle these issues. Awair tracks five key factors of air quality—dust, chemicals, CO2, humidity, and temperature. After analyzing them, it gives the user actionable steps to improve their quality of air and, in turn, their quality of life. It can also connect to a Nest thermostat or Amazon’s Alexa-equipped devices to make using and monitoring even more convenient.


Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers

We’re big fans of Tim Ferriss, the author and podcaster with an interest in clever ways to improve lives. His latest book, Tools of Titans, brings together the knowledge he’s accrued from the more than 200 interviews he’s done on his podcast. He’s taken those nuggets of wisdom and turned them into a book of actionable steps. Now you can help someone on your list emulate the ultra-successful. Maybe they’ll earn millions and share a bit with you for inspiring them. Hey, you can dream, right?


Bear Paws

Anyone who’s ever shredded meat knows the annoyance that comes with doing it with a pair of forks. For the carnivore on your list, gift them a pair of Bear Paws, the claws that allow them to make quick work of pork and other meats. The heat resistant nylon paws allow users to shred, pull, and lift an array of meats.


DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter

Most DJI drones are too expensive to be considered gifts, unless you’re the kind of person who actually puts a bow on a car as certain commercials suggest. The good news is, while DJI has made more and more models, there base model has become more affordable. Yes, the DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter is still $399, but that’s a steal when you consider the quality. Packed with a 2.7k HD video camera, GPS assisted flight features, and a smart controller, this drone is the finest giftable drone on the market. If you want a toy, there are plenty of affordable drones out there. If you have someone on your list who wants to do some serious aerial videography, this is the best entry point.


Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet

Few travel wallets solve all the issues with travel. While they might hold a passport and some cards, they fail to provide appropriate accommodations for tickets and foreign currency. The Leather Travel Wallet from Bellroy is the travel wallet that gets it all right. Complete with two note sections, a tailored passport pocket, card slots, and a pen, it will become a traveler’s best friend. If you have someone on your list who jetsets and hits business meetings in far-off destinations, this is a solid last-minute option.


Never Built New York

One of our favorite coffee table books of the year, Never Built New York shows readers what New York City would have looked like if certain visions and plans were put in place. This alternate reality city is very different from the Big Apple we all know and love. Take a gander at a wildly different Central Park, Grand Central, transit system, collection of skyscrapers, and much more. At times, they’ll be grateful NYC turned out as it did. At other times, well, there’s a freaking roof airport!


goTenna Off-Grid Text & GPS

Have an adventurer on your list? For the guy who uses Walden as an instruction manual, consider giving him the goTenna. When he goes off the grid, the goTenna allows him to still have access to GPS and text. That means no getting lost in the wilderness—and that’s a good thing. He can send his location using detailed offline maps, start up group messaging, and enjoy some peace of mind when he’s deep inside the Pacific Northwest.


Grub2Go Bento Box

Look, in a few days everyone is going to be signing up for gyms and looking to work off the insane amount of holiday cookies they consumed after a couple of glasses of eggnog. One of the best ways to keep that diet in check is by bringing your lunch to the office, instead of relying on the fast food options around. Help him out with these bento boxes. We’ve recommended them before for good reason. They look clean and professional and help keep portions in check. They’re easy to transport and built with an airtight, leakproof lid. Perfect for the professional not exactly looking to carry a brown bag to the workplace.