Decoded: Jack Daniel’s

In each edition of “Decoded,” we take a recognizable product and break it down by explaining what everything on it means. In this installment, we look at the best-selling American whiskey in the world: Jack Daniel’s. Though the label has had a few variations over time, this is one of the most well-known.


  • Jeff Baker

    All I see is the label and some lines. No text or explanation.

  • sgtspeed

    same here.. maybe they know nothing about this bottle..

  • Great Zachsby

    Hit the little buttons the lines are connected to in order to see the explanations of each part of the bottle.

  • Bryan “bytehead” Price

    I thought it was 7 for being aged 7 years. Oh well.

    I picked up a bottle when my now wife graduated from college and kept it until I got a great job ten years later. Very smooth.

  • MRW55

    I see nothing but lines running to/from the bottle.
    I’m using Chrome if this matters.

  • MRW55

    No buttons either.

  • MRW55

    Time allows the buttons to appear.

  • Ncflash

    Works fine, put your Mouse pointer over the + sign at the end of the lines protruding away from the bottle.. Good stuff..

  • maurice

    thank you, because this post wasn’t clear to me at all :S

  • Steven

    Only other Tennessee Whiskey, and in my opinion, much better, id George Dickle. Made in the same County/Area as Jack only in much smaller batches.

    We were actually told about it from someone while on a large group tour at Jack. we went to the Dickle place next, no one there! We asked the guy in the “gift shop” if they offered tours, he looked at his watch said “give me 5min” closed up the girt store and gave my Mother, Father and myself a personal tour! It was amazing, and so much better!

    Only drink Jack now if i’m not the one who ordered the drink or if the place doesn’t have Dickle.

  • Mitch

    I’m using Chrome and it’s fine.