Decoded: iPhone 5

In each edition of “Decoded” we take a recognizable product and break it down by explaining what everything on it means. In this installment, we look at all those funky symbols on the back of the iPhone 5. Actually, most of the symbols are not uncommon and can be found on other wireless devices under the battery cover, but since the iPhone doesn’t have a removeable battery cover, they’re displayed right on the back. Here’s what they all mean.


  • Guest

    Where’s the link?

  • bill

    mouse over on the graphic with numbers…gives you a pop up description.

  • MustangWolf

    Bad UX Design.

  • Brailleyard

    huh. That’s pretty cool – Makes me jusssst that much less likely to redo the back slate.

    Question – for companies that paint over these things – is it law that they have to duplicate them on the back?

  • Benny

    Donate, Eco friendly dispose or…sell it.