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Current Obsession: Datsun 280Z

The mid to late 70s were not kind to sports cars. Combine the oil embargo and stricter government regulations on both fuel economy and safety and you have a recipe for the Mustang II or the AMC Gremlin or even the Chevy Monza. Basically we are saying style got tossed right out the f’ing window in favor of safety. Thankfully, Nissan was able to navigate these unfriendly waters by sending us the Datsun 280z. Improving on the already successful 240z from the early 70s, the 280Z – Nissan Fairlady in Japan- embodied sports car style and performance in an era of wheezing, government regulated crap on wheels. Thanks to the introduction of fuel injection, **the two seater 280z with single overhead cam, 2.8 liter in-line 6 put out 149 horsepower to the rear wheels through a 4 speed manual. With a sticker price of $6,200, the 280z was produced from 1975 through 1978.

Photos: Adam Swank, cpexcel, Jan Paul Yap, Brandon Harper, Wikipedia, Gar Gurus


  • joel

    240z > 280z. Much cleaner looking, lighter weight, less electronics.

  • I<3theS30

    240z, 260z, and 280z all suck! PLEASE don’t go looking for them on CL or eBay Motors, please. Like totally just stay away from them and tell your friends too. 😉

  • Boogie

    Second 240z is cooler. At least the 260s and 280s still looked generally the same. Everything after 1978 was craaaaap.


    My dad had a 280Z. I thought he/it was so cool. Glad to see I was right.

  • Peter

    I race one! I love it

  • Peter

    Mine is 240 my Pops has the 280 racecar