10 Other Things We’d Be Willing To Do For Free

A few weeks ago, BMW flew us out to Monterey, California to test drive some of their new top of the line 2013 models. (If you didn’t get a chance, you can read about it and see the pics here.) Now here’s the thing, this was an experience we would gladly have paid good money for, but didn’t have to because BMW was insanely awesome enough to foot the bill. So this got us thinking, you know, there’s a lot of other things we’d gladly do for free. Here’s a short list we compiled:

  • Take Kate Upton out for a delicious steak dinner
  • Review a multitude of hammocks
  • Drink beer with a monkey
  • Assist Terry Richardson during a photo shoot
  • Provide honest assessments of high-end massage parlors
  • Star in the next Avengers movie
  • Party backstage with a highly successful rock band
  • See how fast a golf cart will go
  • Sit in those chairs at Brookstone for awhile
  • Join the Victoria’s Secret Angels for a game of Twister

If you are interested in setting any of these up please email us.

What would you gladly do for free? Let us know in the comments.


  • Kwaz


  • Pedro

    Maybe assisting Terry during a photoshoot would enable myself to do the other things in this fantastic list. So… Assist Terry Richardson is the option! =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jaime-Lefebvre/526186110 Jaime Lefebvre

    I’ll gladly join Ms. Upton at Ruth’s Chris.

  • Marvin

    Testing hammocks while drinking with a monkey sounds good to me

  • Danny

    A job that doesn’t make me want to throw my chair through the plate glass window out front and run away into the wilderness like Chief at the end of ‘Cuckoo’s Nest.’

  • Don

    I’d test beer at any brewery for free, all day if need be.

  • Stu Boogie

    1) Work as a Scotch taster in the Highland or Speyside regions of Scotland
    2) Be a professional ‘fluffer’ on movie sets for women pornstars
    3) test drive prototype cars
    4) escort playboy playmates to ANY of the parties at the Playboy Mansion

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Thomas/1224328293 Matthew Thomas

    1). test large screened TVs in my house for a month
    2). be the jusdge at wet t-shirt contest / whos brests are bigger contest
    3). review Theme parks
    4) comicon spokesman
    5). voice acting for pornographice cartoons

  • colovion

    1. Drink absinthe on the deck of a Great Lakes freighter at midnight.
    2. “Write” my name in the snow on Mt. McKinley.
    3. Blow up a perfectly good washing machine in Arizona.
    4. Take a Renault Alliance for a spin on the Autobahn and floor it.
    5. Design a new pastry-based bra for Katy Perry, then eat it before she even gets to wear it.
    6. Go to a Man U home game, root for the Detroit Lions while there.
    7. Go to an Apple shareholders meeting and complain that the new MacBook Pro retina display shows too much detail on porn actresses bodies rendering me celibate.
    8. Go to the Rio Olympics with an all access pass, only watch table tennis.
    9. Use a Patek Philippe timepiece to keep time at an elementary school field day event.
    10. Skype a game of charades between kids in Colorado and kids in Japan.

  • mike d

    travel to the capital of every country and photo/write about the experience

  • Kiddie

    1. Train with Royce Gracie for a week.
    2. Have a few beers with Neil Degrasse Tyson.
    3. Apply sunblock on the SI Swimsuit Issue girls.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evildrneil Neil Davis

    See if money really can or can’t buy you happiness…