Exploding Cars

We spend about thirty seconds setting up a shot. Fabian Oefner spends two months. Each of these photographs from his "Disintegrating" series took about that long to create, but, clearly, the results are worth it. The Swiss artist took apart model cars and suspended the various pieces to give the illusion that the cars were exploding in the picture. No bombs or laser beams used, just some ingenuity and a crap-ton of patience.
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The Great Outdoors Sale SHOP

Real men don't spend their entire summer in air-conditioned comfort. The warm weather and abundant sunshine make this time of year the perfect to go exploring the great outdoors, and right now is the time to gear up to do so. From now until 7/28/14 you'll save 16% on all the outdoor gear we've rounded up in this curated collection. So ditch the couch for a weekend, lace up your boot and get outside. ... check it out
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Women of Comic-Con 2013 GALLERY

The floor of the San Diego Convention Center during Comic-Con is way beyond packed. In fact, it gets so full that cosplayers just spill out into the streets of The Gaslamp Quarter and jam them too. We waded through the spandex-clad waters to get a few shots of the women who donned some pretty awesome outfits. ... continue reading

Kate Upton Outtakes from Terry Richardson (NSFW) GALLERY

Hey Terry Richardson, our offer stands, we will gladly be your assistant for any amount of time. Can we bring anything stylistically to your photo shoots  No. We can, however, get you coffee, do paperwork and stare awkwardly at the beautiful women you photograph. If you’re wondering why we would carry around drinks and do meaningless tasks like some underappreciated intern, just check out some of these recent Kate Upton outtakes. ... continue reading

Women of No Pants Subway Ride Day 2011

The ultimate goal of most New Year's resolutions is more time without pants. Eating healthy, working out more and getting a better job all point in that direction. While most of us are probably already failing resolution wise, women the world over succeeded in epic fashion with Improv Everywhere's No Pants Subway ... continue reading

Denim Primer

This is a Gillette sponsored article that offers quick and useful tips on buying better quality jeans. (Thanks Gillette!) If you're not naked and you're not at work, you're probably in jeans. When faced with pants mandatory situations, jeans are the go to solution for guys everywhere. Guys and denim ... continue reading

Pornaloid (NSFW)

Vintage is all the rage these days - clothes, music, equipment, and now porn. Polaroid no longer "exists" as it once did and, oddly enough, its death as a company was the best thing that ever happened to the medium. And now that it's back, we get all the benefits. Before you stop paying attention to us and get ... continue reading

Me In My Place

Being inside a beautiful woman's domicile is the first and last thing on a man's mind every day - regardless of whether or not it actually happens. The simple truth is that being inside her place for the first time is equal parts voyeuristic and exhibitionistic and yet somehow comfortable. Me In My Place is a site ... continue reading

Eizo Medical Imaging Pin-Up Calendar

Going to the doctor is one of the things that men dread most - and for good reason. The only positive thing to come out of a trip to the Doctor's office is a chance to mingle with the nurses, everything else is just pain and reprimands about how you drink too much, smoke, and don't sleep enough. If the nurses look ... continue reading

Brabus T65 RS Vanish

If you happen to live in the Middle East - or just have more money than God - things like champagne falling from the heavens, panties hitting the floor, and making your own islands doesn't seem that out of the ordinary. With a list of common occurrences like that, getting a big-name German car manufacturer to make ... continue reading

Mercedes Benz Museum Objects

Marketing is something we're forced to interact with on a daily basis - whether we like it or not. None of us is immune to it because we've all ended up ordering an otherwise shitty beer in hopes that it will make us more interesting (it won't), or an even shittier towel in hopes it's really as absorbent as we ... continue reading


Art Deco was a popular international art design movement primarily inspired by the blah, blah, blah. If it doesn't have to do with cool things you can hang on your walls or your body, or park in your garage - we don't give a shit about international art design movements. BMW will single-handedly change your ... continue reading

Tacos & Tits & Ass

Tony Stamolis is not cool with the current disconnect between food and porn. Men love food and men love porn, so why not combine them? It seems crazy at first, but after a look at the pictures (NSFW!) you're bound to have one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. T&T&A is a pictorial collection ... continue reading