Roku Streaming Stick

If we were only able to grab a couple things from our burning building, you can bet one of them would be our flatscreen TV. What can we say, we're all a bit addicted and consumed with getting fixes of HBO original programming and Netflix offerings. The issue with the burning building scenario is leaving our Roku 2 ... continue reading
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Ministry of Supply’s Gemini Dress Shirt Never Has to Be Ironed or Dry Cleaned SPONSORED

Most dress shirts are incredibly uncomfortable and require lots of upkeep. Not the case with Ministry of Supply's new Gemini Dress Shirt. Featuring 2-way stretch material design, the shirt is made for your body in motion. And thanks to a custom fabric blend that combines the temperature regulating PCM from their Apollo shirt and some traditionally structured cotton, you won't feel stuffy and sweaty wearing it. It's also incredibly easy to care for—there's no dry cleaning or ironing necessary, and wrinkles come out as you wear it. You can look better, feel better, and ditch the standard dress shirt hassle. ... check it out
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Shameless Season 1

William H. Macy has played every role from President to Vice Principal to police officer to dinosaur chaser, but it isn't until he steps into the role of dad as Frank Gallagher on the show Shameless that his true brilliance shines through. Somehow, Macy believably becomes a belligerent drunk and pot head capable of ... continue reading
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Shameless Season 2 Trailer

Shameless is easily one of the most ridiculous shows on television. William H. Macy and his entire family of 7 and their friends dabble in everything from pot to professional auto theft including, but not limited to: sleeping with children's girlfriends, cheating on the SATs, constant belligerent drunkenness, scamming ... continue reading
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Logitech Harmony Link

Most days you get home, grab a beer, find the remote and proceed to settle into the crevice your ass has formed in the couch. Guys have been doing it since Don Draper days and the only thing that has really changed is now we might grab a micro-brew and mess around with our iPads while we half watch Louie. If you're ... continue reading
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Eastbound & Down: The Complete Second Season

Underneath all the lines of coke, sex and ridiculous mullets there's actually a really touching story in HBO's Eastbound & Down. A once great star who's lost the love of his life tries to pick up the pieces and get it all back, and that would make for a really emotional journey if the protagonist wasn't Kenny ... continue reading
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Breaking Bad: Season 3

We've been interested in chemistry since the first time we found out about the reaction that happens when vinegar is mixed with baking soda. Fifth grade volcanoes still amuse us, but we kind of lost interest after that science fair. To be fair, outside of that one experiment we never really accomplished anything fantastic. ... continue reading
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Fanhattan App

We'll admit that this Fanhattan app is far better than the Fanhattan app we dreamt up - one that shows you all the touristy spots in NYC - and unlike ours it happens to be free (we were planning on charging $375 a download - hey, you gotta make money somehow).  Fanhattan is a new iPad app that lets you search ... continue reading
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1969 Dodge Charger General Lee

There are certain things that even if you had all the money in the world you wouldn't think you'd ever be able to acquire - The Mona Lisa, Hank Aaron's 755th home run ball, a manly Snuggie - but every once in a while one of these things becomes available to you.  If you want to barrel through your streets while ... continue reading
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Mad Men: Season 4 on DVD

Between Sunday Night Football and episodes of Mad Men our Sunday nights are now pretty much spent parked in front of the TV with beer or whiskey in hand (though this probably wouldn’t change if either went off the air).  With a lockout looming and Season 5 still a ways away we are going to tide ourselves over with ... continue reading
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jackass: 10 Years of Stupid

Seeing other people get hurt is funny.  (Okay, when you write it out like that it sounds terrible.  Obviously, we are not speaking of serious injuries here, more like someone slipping on ice or tripping over their own feet.)  Ten years ago a bunch of guys got together, took this simple theory, added a gigantic ... continue reading
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Sony Internet TV

Even with your PS3, Xbox360, HTPC, Apple TV, and your cell phone of choice, you might still be feeling a little disconnected in your living room. Can you watch Netflix on all of those devices? Sure you can, but then how will you tweet? How will you check out your favorite teams stats? How will you check your email? ... continue reading
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Bose VideoWave System

Bose Audio is known for... well, audio. You've probably wandered in to one of their showrooms and been impressed by the big sound coming from a set of speakers the size of sugar cubes. We're not sure how they do this--elfish pixie dust, probably--but the results speak for themselves. Bose has now decided to get into ... continue reading
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Not a feminine hygiene product. Promise. The Veebeam allows you to stream any and all media--photos, audio, video, even HD video--from your laptop or desktop computer onto that brand new HDTV you treat like a holy relic. No more wires or fiddling with inputs and connections; the Veebeam streams data at speeds plenty ... continue reading
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