Form2 Touch-sensitive Guitar

Restringing a guitar is like agreeing to watch kids that aren't yours. It's fun and exciting the first time, but each time after that it gets progressively worse until you dread each day it comes like a trip to the dentist. The Form2 Touch-sensitive Guitar does away with that entirely and appears to add multitouch ... continue reading
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Kama Sutra: Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition

When we first saw that Penguin was releasing a Deluxe Edition of the Kama Sutra, our first thought was, "We gotta stretch." While most Penguin Classics are put on display at your local Barnes & Noble to be perused by adults and children alike, we're guessing this won't be sitting next to summer reading requirements ... continue reading
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Nice Laundry Sock Drawer Makeover SPONSORED

After Nice Laundry launched their Spring/Summer 2014 collection, they sold out of things within 24 hours. Now that they're are back in stock, grab as much as you possibly can before they're long gone. Check out their "Sock Drawer Makeover", which is 18 pairs of fresh, high-quality socks for $99 with free shipping, a fraction of the price you'd pay elsewhere. Plus, they'll recycle all of your old socks for free--whether you're a Rebel or a Prepster, that's some Spring Cleaning you'll actually do this year. Cool Material readers can receive a special, limited-edition bonus pair with their first order. ... check it out
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The Big Book of Spy Stuff

If you're reading this, which obviously you are, chances are you are not an 8-year-old boy. If you are an 8-year-old boy, kudos for being such a little trendsetter and, remember, don't scroll through daddy's website history. For everyone else, yes, The Big Book of Spy Stuff is targeted at a younger demographic, but ... continue reading
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The Art of Video Games

When we used to play Pitfall, Donkey Kong or any other video game, clearly we never thought we were looking at art on par with the work of Picasso or Da Vinci. No, we were looking at something far more beautiful. To celebrate our love, The Smithsonian American Art Museum will be running an exhibition entitled "The ... continue reading
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In a world of corporately designed musical acts crafted in boardrooms amongst sales-minded suits aiming simply to push copies, it is refreshing when someone steps out and does their own thing. Love 'em or hate 'em, you've gotta respect them. You could tell Kid Cudi was one of these types when you first heard "Day ... continue reading
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Carlo Mollino: Un Messaggio dalla Camera Oscura

To be completely honest, as soon as we saw the cover of this book we pre-ordered a copy. We later discovered that Carlo Mollino was an architect, furniture designer, writer, race-car driver and erotic photographer. After who knows how many classical shoots, Mollino started using Polaroids. Un Messaggio dalla Camera ... continue reading
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Is your human iPod not keeping up with the latest club bangers? Would you rather listen to the Avicii remix instead of the Eric Prydz one? Are you a DJ that's tired of telling people you don't take requests? Maybe you're just the guy with the premium Spotify account and you've tired of leaving your phone unlocked because ... continue reading
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50/50 (Blu-ray)

If there was an Academy Award given for Best Cancer Comedy, 50/50 would win in a landslide. It would also be the only movie nominated... possibly ever. Despite the serious topic (a seemingly healthy 20-something who contracts a rare cancer with a 50% survival rate), 50/50 is actually pretty damn funny. As guys, we'd ... continue reading
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Big Lebowski Art Prints

Whether it was a new appreciation for bowling or White Russians, an understanding of nihilism or discovering the unfortunate consequences of using the back door with a stranger, everyone learned something from The Big Lebowski. Relive your favorite scenes from the movie (Try looking at these and not playing the movie ... continue reading
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Steve McQueen: The Actor and His Films

The test to determine whether any celebrity has reached the iconic level is whether or not you can put a coffee table book about them on display without looking like a complete weirdo. For example, Ryan Gosling is a good actor, but toss a hardcover of his work out during your next kegger and you sure as hell are gonna ... continue reading
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Mixtape: Gonna Make You Sweat

Finally putting that gym membership to good use for the first month of the year isn't always the easiest thing to do. You have to put in the time doing the actual work at the gym, but you also have to deal with the evil looks and snide comments from people that have enough time on their hands to work out during months ... continue reading
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There are only really two reasons to keep your cable tv: live sports and the Food Network. Everything else you could possibly want to watch is available for streaming on one of the many sites on the Internets. One thing Netflix and Hulu are lacking in though is indie flicks, which is where Prescreen comes in. The combination ... continue reading
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What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?

Figuring out what the fuck you should make for dinner isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Do you make something with meat, or something vegetarian approved? Noodles or rice or salad? Don’t even get us started on the different types of sauces you have available. With the appropriately named What the Fuck Should I ... continue reading
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Roku Streaming Stick

If we were only able to grab a couple things from our burning building, you can bet one of them would be our flatscreen TV. What can we say, we're all a bit addicted and consumed with getting fixes of HBO original programming and Netflix offerings. The issue with the burning building scenario is leaving our Roku 2 ... continue reading
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