Recycled Clock Turntable

Perfect for the old old-school DJ who misses the good-ole days of vinyl. Made from an old recycled turntable and a Doobie Brothers Album (which can be swapped out for a different vinyl if you've got one) the Recycled Clock Turntable makes a great home accessory for a vintage-loving audiophile... probably right over ... continue reading
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Beastie Boys DoubleCheck Your Head

So what'cha what'cha wat'cha want in a mash-up album? Doublecheck Your Head by Max Tannone takes Beastie Boys and mixes them with more Beastie Boys. He took his favorite album, Check Your Head (personally we're partial to Paul's Boutique) and laid it over their own instrumentals. The result is a fresh rich sound that ... continue reading
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Nice Laundry Sock Drawer Makeover SPONSORED

After Nice Laundry launched their Spring/Summer 2014 collection, they sold out of things within 24 hours. Now that they're are back in stock, grab as much as you possibly can before they're long gone. Check out their "Sock Drawer Makeover", which is 18 pairs of fresh, high-quality socks for $99 with free shipping, a fraction of the price you'd pay elsewhere. Plus, they'll recycle all of your old socks for free--whether you're a Rebel or a Prepster, that's some Spring Cleaning you'll actually do this year. Cool Material readers can receive a special, limited-edition bonus pair with their first order. ... check it out
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Turntable Bedding

The Turntable pillows and blanket cover your bed with black and white graphics of all kinds of audio equipment, equalizers, vinyls, cables, sliders and knobs. We think it's safe to say that DJs and music enthusiasts have more than enough cool stuff to decorate their pads... all you need is this bed spread and a DJ ... continue reading
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Woodstock: 40 Years on: Back to Yasgur’s Farm

After 40 years Woodstock lives on as the most amazing live musical event of our time. And if you think you've heard it all - think again. This 6 CD set features 77 songs and over half of the songs have never been released, including performances by the Grateful Dead, The Who, Jefferson Airplane and Tim Hardin. Listening ... continue reading
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Flight of the Conchords Season 2 DVD

Everyone's favorite struggling band from New Zealand is back for more in Season 2 of Flight of the Concords. The second season brings you more songs, more hilarious moments and more awkward conversations as Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement continue to try to make a name for themselves in NYC. Season 2 is full of guest ... continue reading
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Cassette Tapes Lamp Box

Compliment your DJ coffee table or rock t-shirt pillows with another piece of cool music swag. Re-purposed cassette tapes straight out of the 80s are connected together to create fresh vintage lighting. The holes in the cassette tapes let the light shine through softly creating wonderful points of light that burst ... continue reading
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Fender 57 Champ Custom Guitar Amp

Join the ranks of great guitar players like Johnny Cash, Keith Richards and Eric Clapton and play your tunes while connected to this vintage 57' Champ amp. Known for a great low-output sound and easy recording, the Fender 57 Champ Amp makes a great practice amp as well as a great collector's piece. Recreated to look ... continue reading
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Sansa SlotRadio Player

Loading up your tunes on your computer, phone or MP3 player should be incredibly convenient, but the transition doesn't always go smoothly. If you like the idea of compact digital storage but still want something to hold on to then Sansa SlotRadio Player sounds like the best choice for you. Load it up with a DRM free ... continue reading
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Scratch DJ Coffee Table

Show off your great taste in music and furniture with this unique coffee table. The pine surface features a photo transfer of a turntable and mixer preserved by the shiny coating on top. Despite the faded look of the overall image, the details come through nicely. The Scratch DJ coffee table makes a great replacement ... continue reading
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Couch Guitar Straps

Couch boasts the world's best guitar straps that hold up way better than leather since they’re made of vinyl and the stuff they use to make seatbelts. Couch offers a rockin' variety of guitar straps, many of which have a vintage vibe. Be sure to check out the Couch Guitar Straps collection of limited edition artist ... continue reading
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Rocksteady Rock T-Shirt Pillows

When your old rock band t-shirt just doesn't hold up any more, don't throw in the towel. You might not get to wear it anymore with that huge hole in the armpit (yes, we noticed), but you can have the artist at Rocksteady Pillows give it some new life. The artist ads interesting studs and straps to embellish the pillow ... continue reading
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Wait For Me by Moby

Inspired by the concept of creativity for the sake of creativity, Moby created something different from his previous work with Wait for Me. Without any of the normal stresses that come from writing music intended to please the industry Moby was able to ditch the branding and name-dropping and just record something ... continue reading
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Wear Your Music

What do you get when you combine recycling, charity and great music? You mean aside from great karma and a great time? You get Guitar String Bracelets from WearYourMusic.org. Choose from tons of artists and bands from Guster's Adam Gardner to Ziggy Marley and get a unique piece of jewelry made from guitar strings. ... continue reading
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Exploded Explosion T-shirt

If you've ever handled a keytar, boombox, turntable, or used an 8-Track then you'll love the retro feeling of the Exploded Explosion T-shirt. Designer Troy Paiva's explodes these old school musical items and shows us their insides with incredible accuracy and detail. Music lovers and tinkerers will wanna get their ... continue reading
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