Freedom Grill FG-900

A portable grill doesn't have to be something you can fold up into the size of a suitcase. If you've got some serious hunger or a lot of mouths to feed then you need a grill that requires a truck to bring it with you. The Freedom Grill FG-900 attaches to the back of vehicle with a hitch and features a huge grilling ... continue reading
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Columbia River Hitchcock Folding Knife

Anyone who's serious about the outdoors doesn't want to be over-encumbered with tools they'll never use. Don't waste time fiddling with your nail clippers, cork screw and other crap you don't need when you pull out your knife. The Hitchcock Hole In One Razor-Sharp Folding Knife by Columbia River keeps things lightweight ... continue reading
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MeUndies Sale – 30% OFF SPONSORED

It's been dubbed the "world’s most comfortable" underwear, and priced at nearly half of its competitors ($16). After years of research and development and a "24 hour" stress test, MeUndies has created the perfect, contour fitting boxer brief that keeps its shape all day and never rides up. The first 500 Cool Material readers get 30% off orders larger than $75 when using code CM75. Not impressed? MeUndies offers a full refund and lets you even keep your first pair. Offer excludes packs and French Terry. ... check it out
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Bouf Designer Prints

Spruce up your den, living room or wherever it is you enjoy your favorite music and movies with these original prints from creative street designers at Bouf. Bouf offers tons of highly stylized graphic prints that have a timeless cool. These stunning prints feature artwork of your favorite actors and musicians like ... continue reading
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Folded Pigs Restaurant Ware

Crafted from old restaurant dishes, the dinnerware at the Folded Pigs etsy shop won't cost you an arm and a leg. Speaking of dismemberment what really sets these plates and mugs apart are the hand screened kick ass designs. Forget frilly flowers and the kind of stuff you'd see on your mom's fine china—these dishes ... continue reading
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5.11 Tactical Light for Life Flashlight

This is the flashlight that all the other flashlight manufacturers don't want you to know about. The 5.11 Tactical Light for Life Flashlight charges in 90 seconds and can run for several hours outputting 90 lumens before needing a recharge. We don't understand much about the science behind their innovative Flashpoint ... continue reading
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Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce

If you like your hot sauce so hot that it feels like punishment then get a load of Jailhouse Fire. Made with conviction by guys who really know punishment, Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce was created by the inmates at the Hillsborough County Jail in Florida. They grow the peppers and under the supervision of the horticulture ... continue reading
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Grillslinger Salt & Pepper Mills

Always be quick to the draw when it comes to seasoning your food with your double wielded weapons of choice. Grillslinger Salt & Pepper Mills let you apply fresh ground peppercorn and salt with one hand each. Instead of time consuming twisting you just push the thumb button and spice up your meal in style.
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Harley Davidson Chair

You might not have ever spent over $6000 on a chair, but you may have spent much more on a motorcycle. The Harley Davidson Chair however isn't any ordinary chair. It's got custom flames, taillights, side view mirrors and it actually vrooms when you raise the footrest. The "vrooming" alone is enough to make you reconsider ... continue reading
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PIZZONI Transformable Grill

So the gal wants to go on a picnic - but you won't settle for fancy sandwiches and grapes.  Steak is on the mind but lugging the Weber to the park is out of the question. The Pizzoni Grill comes with it's own aluminum case and is compact enough to throw over your shoulder and bring with you almost anywhere. Whether  ... continue reading
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Recycled Clock Turntable

Perfect for the old old-school DJ who misses the good-ole days of vinyl. Made from an old recycled turntable and a Doobie Brothers Album (which can be swapped out for a different vinyl if you've got one) the Recycled Clock Turntable makes a great home accessory for a vintage-loving audiophile... probably right over ... continue reading
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Flatiron Desk

Bring a little early 20th century charm into your workspace and know what Edison (or if you prefer perhaps Tesla?) must have felt like drafting on a huge handcrafted table... except they never have a dual monitor set up or wireless keyboard. The Flatiron Desk was lovingly crafted from reclaimed solid elm and a hand-welded ... continue reading
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Hu2 Vinyl Stickers

Spice up your blank walls with something creative and daring rather than boring square frames. It only takes a second to slap up some vinyl stickers and make your place infinitely more interesting. Our favorite styles of Hu2 vinyls are "Tape" for its messy freeform vintage style and "Toilet Monster" which will make ... continue reading
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Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk

It's time to toss that old particle board computer desk that looks like something Ikea threw up and get something classy like the Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk. Designed by the well known antique dealer and furniture maker Timothy Oulton, the outside of the replica steamer trunk spares no detail with handmade distressed ... continue reading
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Point Well Made Bottle Stoppers

While we don't generally like it when people tell us not to finish off a bottle of booze it's nice to know we have the option to save it for later. Point Well Made offers a variety of impressive bottle stoppers that will convince you it's okay to save the rest of the wine for another time. Using a variety of materials ... continue reading
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