Nude Water Color Paintings by Greg Stones

There's no question that the female form is the most beautiful work of art and that there's absolutely nothing shameful about displaying it. The girls at Mardi Gras know this to be true and so does water color painter Greg Stones. His series of watercolor paintings depict girls showing off their goodies in all kinds ... continue reading
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Blackfire Clamplight

We can think of at least a dozen jobs that required three hands we've been stuck doing with a flashlight. But there's no need to carry around a huge tripod light in the back of your truck when you can have a compact strong LED light that clamps anywhere. The Blackfire Clamplight hooks right to your belt or fits in ... continue reading
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Nice Laundry Sock Drawer Makeover SPONSORED

After Nice Laundry launched their Spring/Summer 2014 collection, they sold out of things within 24 hours. Now that they're are back in stock, grab as much as you possibly can before they're long gone. Check out their "Sock Drawer Makeover", which is 18 pairs of fresh, high-quality socks for $99 with free shipping, a fraction of the price you'd pay elsewhere. Plus, they'll recycle all of your old socks for free--whether you're a Rebel or a Prepster, that's some Spring Cleaning you'll actually do this year. Cool Material readers can receive a special, limited-edition bonus pair with their first order. ... check it out
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Weber Ranch Kettle Charcoal Grill

Remember that little $40 charcoal grill you got to stick on the tiny patio of your first apartment? Well this is his burly, no-nonsense uncle. The Weber Ranch Kettle Charcoal Grill provides a spacious 7.7 square feet of cooking area that lets you easily feed a small army of carnivores. While it's great to cook up a ... continue reading
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Soda Crates

If you want to get your girlfriend off your back about how you have magazines and remotes all over your living room when she visits, then you should get something to stick that stuff in. We don't really know why she cares whether it's in a stack on top of a box of pizza or in a basket, but we do know that you better ... continue reading
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Grub Hub

Those menus stacked on top of the fridge are really starting to pile up, but lord knows you'll never just save your favorite numbers in your phone. It's okay, now you can be lazy but without all of the clutter. Grub Hub hooks you up with restaurants in your area who deliver and saves them to your digital drawer. With ... continue reading
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Graffiti Bars

You'll have a hard time deciding whether you should eat these or hang them on your wall. Graffiti has come a long way from the rebellious days of the past when angsty youth scrawled a rough expression of their disdain for society wherever they could. This raw creative artwork that made itself seen on subways and alley ... continue reading
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Recycled Bike Wheel Clock

It's about time we start making better efforts to recycle our old junk. Recycling doesn't have to stop at bringing your old cans to the curb. If you've got enough vision, your rusted old bike can become your new favorite piece of wall art. Etsy Artist PixelThis created this creative wall clock out of an old bike wheel ... continue reading
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O Red and White Glasses and Pitcher

Trying to account for all of the various drinks you enjoy can fill your cabinets pretty quick. Who has the space for separate glasses for red or white wines let alone cocktail glasses? The "O" Red and White Glasses and Pitcher work no matter what you're serving, leaving you with more room to stock the booze itself. ... continue reading
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Freedom Grill FG-900

A portable grill doesn't have to be something you can fold up into the size of a suitcase. If you've got some serious hunger or a lot of mouths to feed then you need a grill that requires a truck to bring it with you. The Freedom Grill FG-900 attaches to the back of vehicle with a hitch and features a huge grilling ... continue reading
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Columbia River Hitchcock Folding Knife

Anyone who's serious about the outdoors doesn't want to be over-encumbered with tools they'll never use. Don't waste time fiddling with your nail clippers, cork screw and other crap you don't need when you pull out your knife. The Hitchcock Hole In One Razor-Sharp Folding Knife by Columbia River keeps things lightweight ... continue reading
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Bouf Designer Prints

Spruce up your den, living room or wherever it is you enjoy your favorite music and movies with these original prints from creative street designers at Bouf. Bouf offers tons of highly stylized graphic prints that have a timeless cool. These stunning prints feature artwork of your favorite actors and musicians like ... continue reading
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Folded Pigs Restaurant Ware

Crafted from old restaurant dishes, the dinnerware at the Folded Pigs etsy shop won't cost you an arm and a leg. Speaking of dismemberment what really sets these plates and mugs apart are the hand screened kick ass designs. Forget frilly flowers and the kind of stuff you'd see on your mom's fine china—these dishes ... continue reading
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5.11 Tactical Light for Life Flashlight

This is the flashlight that all the other flashlight manufacturers don't want you to know about. The 5.11 Tactical Light for Life Flashlight charges in 90 seconds and can run for several hours outputting 90 lumens before needing a recharge. We don't understand much about the science behind their innovative Flashpoint ... continue reading
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Ralph Lauren Haberdashery Collection Wall Coverings

Ralph Lauren has never let us down when it comes to dressing sharp and masculine so it's only natural that they'd know how to dress up our walls as well. The Haberdashery Collection Wall Covers cover your walls with some of the same attractive patterns that make an appearance in their softlines such as classic stripes, ... continue reading
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Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce

If you like your hot sauce so hot that it feels like punishment then get a load of Jailhouse Fire. Made with conviction by guys who really know punishment, Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce was created by the inmates at the Hillsborough County Jail in Florida. They grow the peppers and under the supervision of the horticulture ... continue reading
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