Goods: The Season’s Best Sunglasses

Goods: The Season's Best Sunglasses You've already stashed the sweaters away and tossed your jacket in the farthest reaches of your closet, now it's time for a new pair of sunglasses for the season. And if you're still using the $15 ones you bought at a mall kiosk, it's time for a pair a little nicer. Here are ... continue reading

Ministry of Supply’s Gemini Dress Shirt Never Has to Be Ironed or Dry Cleaned SPONSORED

Most dress shirts are incredibly uncomfortable and require lots of upkeep. Not the case with Ministry of Supply's new Gemini Dress Shirt. Featuring 2-way stretch material design, the shirt is made for your body in motion. And thanks to a custom fabric blend that combines the temperature regulating PCM from their Apollo shirt and some traditionally structured cotton, you won't feel stuffy and sweaty wearing it. It's also incredibly easy to care for—there's no dry cleaning or ironing necessary, and wrinkles come out as you wear it. You can look better, feel better, and ditch the standard dress shirt hassle. ... check it out
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8 Vintage Rides You Can Buy Right Now

Every couple of weeks, we’re bringing you a roundup of vintage wheels on the auction block that we’re obsessing over. 1963 Land Rover Santana In 1958, the now defunct Santana Motors company reached a deal to build Land Rover models in Spain. In essence, Land Rover sent them parts, or what they called "Complete ... continue reading

Wear This: Bike Commute

Commuting via bicycle combines transportation and exercise, along with being better for the environment and making you feel good about yourself. That said, it can also leave you looking like your dressed for the gym instead of the office or worse, feeling like a wet dog--if you're not prepared. With the right combination ... continue reading

How to Score a Boxing Match

You may have heard there's a little boxing match this weekend. But, since the glory days of boxing are behind us, it may have been a while since you've actually watched a fight. Before you shell out the money to watch Mayweather-Pacquiao, let's brush up on how the funky scoring works—because, let's be honest, ... continue reading
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Our Favorite Watches for Any Budget

Our Favorite Watches for Any Budget Collectively, we have a lot of wrists at the Cool Material office. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough wrists for all the watches we want. Instead of asking each guy here for a list of all their favorite timepieces they’d buy if they grew more arms, we told them to select ... continue reading

DIY: Industrial Pipe Stools

At this point, if you've been checking out the Cool Material DIY section regularly, you could have almost half your place decked out with industrial pipe furniture and fixtures. The one thing we haven't really covered yet to tie the whole place together is iron pipe seating. Liz from Love Grows Wild is here with an Industrial ... continue reading

The Craft Beer Guide to Dublin

Would you prefer a Guinness or a Murphy’s? Until two years ago, that was your choice when you stepped foot in any Irish pub. Sure there were a few other big name lager choices and some Beamish on occasion, but, for the most part, you had your pick of two very similar creamy stouts. Like we said, that was a few ... continue reading
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8 New Apps You Should Know

Instead of wading through the massive amount of new app releases searching for a few diamonds in the rough, just let us be your guide. This is a collection of our favorite new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure. Make My Day by Lonely Planet Planning an itinerary when you're traveling ... continue reading
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Approved: Mini EDC Pens

The nicest pen is of no use if you don’t have it nearby when you want to write. That Montblanc sitting on your desk will only be used, well, at your desk. For all the impromptu scribbling you’ll encounter on a daily basis, consider something small and portable. These are the mini pens that get our stamp of approval. ... continue reading
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10 Movies That Made Us Cry

It's time to leave the macho persona at the door. We'll admit it, some movies just get us right in the feels. And, unless your heart is made of stone, we're guessing you're the same way. We asked around the office and found 10 films that have made the guys at Cool Material cry like little, puny babies. The Green ... continue reading
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Inside The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

With the goal of reviving old-school craftsmanship in the bike world, The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show invaded Austin this past weekend. On display were over 100 hand-built bikes in a variety of styles, a space for antique rides to give The Wall of Death a whirl, and a crowd of people who don't mind getting their hands ... continue reading