Screwpop Tool

A man can never have too many tools, especially when those tools assist in the most important part of any endeavor - the beer. Unfortunately, something like the Handyman Bottle Opener lacks versatility. You can't exactly bring that thing into the 9-5 without getting odd glances from the boss. Then there was the Screwpop ... continue reading
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MeUndies Sale – 30% OFF SPONSORED

It's been dubbed the "world’s most comfortable" underwear, and priced at nearly half of its competitors ($16). After years of research and development and a "24 hour" stress test, MeUndies has created the perfect, contour fitting boxer brief that keeps its shape all day and never rides up. The first 500 Cool Material readers get 30% off orders larger than $75 when using code CM75. Not impressed? MeUndies offers a full refund and lets you even keep your first pair. Offer excludes packs and French Terry. ... check it out
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The Gentleman’s Deck

Part of being a gentleman is mastering the art of not putting your foot in your mouth every time you open it. The Gentleman's Deck offers 50 etiquette tips to help you become a charismatic conversationalist. The included cards offer timeless conversational tips to ensure that you become patient, diplomatic and charming ... continue reading
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Good Art Hlywd Logo Ring

Good Art Hlywd is known for creating handcrafted American masterpieces made entirely in Los Angeles, by founder Josh Warner and his staff. The line has found the perfect balance between old world styling and current technology, capturing a timeless look that should be at the core of every modern man's style. The Logo ... continue reading
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RaceChairs Cufflinks

If you expect quality performance in every facet of your life, you certainly don't overlook the small details, like great cufflinks. RaceChairs, known for their luxury racecar office chairs also offers racing related accessories to help you put your business attire into overdrive. RaceChairs Cufflinks feature mini ... continue reading
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Cassette Lighter

Carrying your favorite mix tape with your favorite 10-20 songs has long since been replaced by your iPod with 10-20 gigs (or more) and a lifetime of favorites. While you may have moved on to better audio it's hard to forget those plastic little cassettes. The Cassette Lighter by In God We Trust offers a practical way ... continue reading
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Dog Collar Bottle Opener

You might not be able to teach man's best friend to fetch beer, but he can at least open one for you. Bark4Beer is making "come" the most important trick your dog knows with the first ever dog collar bottle opener. You'll never waste time scrounging around for a bottle opener—if you know where your dog is you know ... continue reading
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Zippo Armor

Zippo's aren't exactly known for being chintzy pieces of crap, but nothing's beyond improvement right? Zippo armor cases are 50% thicker than your average Zippo which adds some real "umph" to the satisfying sound you hear when you open one. It's up to you what to spend on a armor case since they run from around $20 ... continue reading
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Vintage Lighter Cufflinks

You're out on the town looking sharp when this stunning vision in a little red dress comes your way and asks for a light. You can't risk losing her interest while you fish around in your pockets clumsily for your lighter. These sharp vintage cufflinks make quite the impression with their fine detail, but they really ... continue reading
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Tactical Dog Leash

It's late, your already in you PJs and the dog is scratching at the door. You glance at the clock and realize it's 1:30 in the morning and the park isn't safe at night. It's okay, you just reach for your tactical dog leash. Okay so you probably won't actually be taking down any bad guys with this knuckle leash, but ... continue reading
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Shuriken Coasters

What do ninja's do with their throwing stars when they're not flinging them into the skulls of their enemies? Why they use them as nifty coasters of course. Seriously, do you know how hard it is to get saki stains out of an authentic bamboo coffee table? Shuriken Coasters come in a set of 9, each with a unique shape; ... continue reading
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