Friday Link Round-Up


Massive Scarlett Johansson Gallery – Banned Hollywood

Gallery – 133 Beer Bong Babes – COED Mag

British Women Prefer Hairy Men with Beer Bellies – Asylum

MMA Submission of the Year – The Bachelor Guy

How To Have Sex in Water – AskMen

Bull-dyke to Marry a Rollercoaster – Afrojacks

Get Revenge with the Dissolvable Bikini – DJMick

Celebrities Staring at Boobs – Just A Guy Thing

9 Greatest Farts in Sports History – Busted Coverage

Triumphs in Assvertising – NextRound

15 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped – Cracked

The 55 Sexiest Twin Sister Photos of All Time – Manofest

13 of the Worst Products for Men Ever Created – The Art of Manliness

Jennifer Love Hewitt Plays Tennis in a Bikini – Celebridiot

Flowchart  to Determine if Your Going to Have Sex on This Date – Holy Taco

Hot Bartenders & How to Take ‘Em Home – Mademan


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