Friday Link Round-Up


Cosplay Cuties Kick-Off Comic-Con 2009 – COED

Hotness + Brains – 15 Beautiful Women Blessed with Both – Asylum

8 “Breastaurants” to go to Instead of Hooters – Whip It Out Comedy

Stories Behind 7 Famous Beer Logos – Neatorama

The World’s Strongest Vagina – Lemondrop

Hot Chicks Mud Wrestling – Holy Taco

Pictures of Women Using Their Boobs to Hold Beer – Djmick

Top 40 Badass Movies of the Last Ten Years – Gunaxin

Polefitness is the New Hot Competitive Sport – The Bachelor Guy

Is Your Bachelor Pad Ready for the Ladies?   Just A Guy Thing

Lady Gaga’s Maxim Magazine Spread – KanYe West Blog

Giant Breast Sculptures – UniqueDaily


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