24 Ridiculously Expensive Everyday Items

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have a million dollars you probably only thought about the cars, the yachts and the bling, and overlooked the details like what kind of toilet seat or fancy tennis ball cans you’d use. We tracked down 24 of the most ridiculously expensive everyday items you could blow your wad on.

Concrete Aalto Doorstop – $3500

While the rest of us are using cinderblocks we found outside for doorstops, somewhere in some mansion there’s a chunk of cement holding a door open worth $3500. You may (but probably don’t) notice that this doorstop is shaped like an Alvar Aalto Savoy vase and that’s because it was cast in an original vase which was then shattered to let out the mold. While the Aalto doorstop looks pretty cool, it may just be a waste of a perfectly good vase (and $3500). mattermatters.com

Another Notion of Possibility Box Cutter – $95

What better men’s gift than a $95 box cutter?? Someone who’s spending $95 on a box cutter probably doesn’t do a lot of box cutting, so this solid nickel chrome plated box cutter is probably more of a display piece. Engraved with “Another notion of possibility,” this ordinary object intends to blur the lines between “art” and “stuff”. Perhaps the the answer lies in how you use it. citizen-citizen.com

Posh Instant Noodles – $43

Yep, even instant noodles come in luxury form. For $43 a cup, you can have one of 100 exclusive Pot Noodle cups. Each posh noodle comes in a hand-flocked gold leaf pot and because you like to be civilized while you eat your instant noodles, it also comes with a fork and table linen. One good thing about the exorbitant price tag: the proceeds go to charity so you can help the less fortunate while you indulge. Source

Renova Colored Toilet Paper – $20

If you’re tired of wiping your ass with dollar bills you can spend that cash on some colored toilet paper. While it’s probably just as much of a waste of money, at least Renova colored toilet paper is much softer than cash. A 3 pack sets you back $20 but if you’re obsessive enough to color coordinate EVERYTHING in your bathroom than you won’t mind the expense. satinbox.com

Glace Balls of Ice – $40

Ice cubes are for squares. VIPs know that the really good ice comes in hand carved spheres of ice made from Canadian purified water. Now instead of paying too much for a bottle of water you can drop 8 bones on just the ice instead. On the bright side ice balls supposedly don’t dilute your equally expensive drink and cool it evenly. glace-ice.com Source

Gold Backpack – $1650

Where’s the fun in being incredibly rich unless you’re also incredibly flashy? The gold rucksack by the Billionaire Boys Club features their trademark diamond dollar pattern, making an excessively expensive item even more over the top. With only 4 of these available at $1650 it’s anyone’s guess at how long before they sell out. bbcicecream.com Source

Diamond Encrusted Bluetooth Headset – $50000

If your wife is concerned that her big ugly plastic bluetooth is overpowering her gold and diamond earrings, why not compromise? Oh this diamond encrusted bluetooth headset is for you? Well it’s good to know that if you have enough money you can wear any crazy accessory and still be confident in your masculinity. Source

Goldplated Staples – $175

If you’re really rich, you know that displaying your wealth goes beyond flashy clothes and a luxury car… a true measure of wealth is all in the details. You can’t possibly expect anyone to fully understand just how filthy rich you really are unless even your staples are gold plated. It may not get any more excessive than gold staples packaged in a velvet jewelry box sitting on top of your desk. oooms.nl

Gold Light Switch – $250

Any respectable modern home owner wouldn’t be caught dead with a clapper, but that doesn’t mean rich people have to get out of bed to turn off a light themselves. How absurd! No, they have a gold wireless light switch encased in Lucite at their bedside. What’s $250 to never be bothered with something so tedious again? areaware.com

Luxury Frisbees – $305

Your old plastic frisbee may hold a special place in your heart, but it doesn’t reflect your penchant for frivolous luxury items quite the same way the Leather Flying Disc Geoffrey Parker does. These fancy frisbees fly surprisingly far, although you’ll probably never toss one in the yard for fear of tossing away $305.  That’s an expensive game of Ultimate Frisbee!   zontikgames.com

Tiffany Tennis Ball Can – $1500

Be honest, the only reason you even play tennis is to network with the other rich guys at your country club. Since you’re playing to impress, why not get a fancy can to keep your balls in? Of course because it’s Tiffany, this particular tennis ball can is made of sterling silver and will set you back $1500. tiffany.com

Louis Vuitton Skateboard – $8,250

If you’re a skater you probably have no interest in a Louis Vuitton skateboard. But to be fair, anyone interested in a Louis Vuitton skateboard for over $8000 probably isn’t too interested in skateboarding either. This is a great example of how being rich is all about being one of 3 possible owners of a weird designer collectible that isn’t intended for use. The board premiered at the launch of their new location in SoHo where you could also snag one of 70 $250 T-shirts.

Nesmuk Diamond Studded Knife – $39600

As it turns out the world’s sharpest knife is also the world’s most expensive. And for reasons we can’t understand comes with a matching ring, although for $39600 you’d expect a little something extra. This pricey piece of cutlery consists of a carbon steel blade and a sterling silver handle adorned with 8 diamonds. Source

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat – $249

You have to admit that of all the crazy expensive toilets made of costly materials the carbon fiber toilet seat actually looks pretty cool. Not to mention it beats the 24K gold toilet seat by leaps and bounds in terms of practicality. Gold is flimsy, but this freaking toilet seat will be around longer than you will. Source

Little Something Gold Vibrator – $325

Why does this vibrator cost $325? Is it because this Little Gold toy is silent, or because it’s waterproof and long lasting? Or does it simply come down to the fact that it’s made of 24k gold? Either way, being rich is about indulging yourself and is there really a better way to do that than with a 24K Gold vibrator you can use in in your giant indoor swimming pool? jimmyjane.com

Leather Gold & Silver Monopoly Set – $7570

This leather, gold and silver Monopoly set with your choice of pewter or silver pieces will set you back anywhere from $4-$7k. But it’s totally worth the experience of buying as much property as you can and charging you friends in the game right before you buy the deeds to their actual homes because that’s just how freaking rich you are. zontikgames.com

Crystal Ergoripado Vaccum – $18993

If a inconspicuous vacuum like the Kone isn’t your style, then maybe you’d enjoy something a bit more noticeable. One average vacuum and 3730 Swarovski crystals later and you have the Crystal Ergoripado, most expensive home cleaning appliance ever clocking in at $18993.   Personally, if I had this cash to burn I’d be rolling on a Ducati Streetfighter, and still have $3k in my pocket.  Source

Gokukawa Leather Keyboard – $603

Plastic? Pu-lease. When you have the perfect manly study, complete with rich leather chairs, a full liquor cabinet, a fireplace and let’s throw in a 50 inch plasma TV for good measure… would you have a cheap plastic keyboard on top of your solid mahogany desk? Absolutely not. You would have a soft leather keyboard with monogrammed keys to compliment your lavish surroundings. Considering your tastes, $603 for Gokukawa Leather Keyboard will barely make a dent in your budget. Source

Diamond Studded Hoodie – $10000

Nothing says “Look at me, I’m a rich douche bag” like this diamond studded hoodie from Konquest. Worth $10000, this piece of urban couture features over 4000 Swarovski crystals and a 3 carat diamond zipper pull and hand-painted designs. For something so glitzy, the artwork takes an interesting masculine tone featuring skulls and horns which may make this the only Swarovski covered garment intended for (straight) guys. konquestcollection.com

Gold and Diamond Earbuds – $5175

We’ve all seen blinged out iPods, but what about earbuds that cost more than your computer? These 18 carat gold and diamond earphones feature 118 high quality diamonds and despite all the extra weight are said to be just as comfortable as your cheap plastic pair. Source

Ergo Swarovski Magnifying Glass

We’d love to be so rich that even the magnifying glass we use to examine our jewels is covered in jewels. This Swarovski Crystal covered magnifying glass by Ergo lets you see the world at 4 times magnification, but may enhance the flaws of anything not as sleek and shiny as itself. Unfortunately we don’t know the price, but you can be sure that it costs more than a magnifying glass should. Source

Radioactive Denim Metallic Jeans – $600

Anyone knows that a good pair of $600 jeans should look really really shiny. They look just like your other $600 pairs of jeans, with a button fly and tapered leg, except they’re also metallic and make you feel like a rock star from the future. Who wouldn’t want that kind of attention to their pants? eluxury.com

Crocodile Skin Umbrella – $50000

Maybe crocodile skin would make sense as an efficient water repellent if it wasn’t so damn expensive. At $50000 this umbrella should come with someone to follow you around holding it over your head… seriously that beats a blogger’s salary. Hey rich guys, if you’re reading this, skip the crocodile skin and hire me to hold a regular umbrella over your head. That’ll definitely get your more attention at eccentric rich guy parties. Seriously, if you’re interested… Source

Million Dollar Fishing Lure

Not everything is enhanced by encrusting it with diamonds and rubies, but that didn’t stop MacDaddy Fishing Lures from creating the Million Dollar Fishing Lure. Three pounds of platinum means it’s sure to sink fast, be we doubt it would help you catch a million dollar fish. macdaddysfishinglures.com Source

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  • minihunj

    if u want round ice, put a water bomb or small balloon of water in the freezer. same thing and u save about $39.99 per ice ball.

  • nate

    Communism/Socialism are fundamentally flawed systems…they only seem to work on small scales (like under 100 people)…after that its too easy to abuse the power that comes with deciding the fate of so many…

    The love of money is the root of all evil
    Research the Federal Reserve Bank

    As for these frivolous items…well, if you have wealth, its not my place to tell you how to spend it…but I would try to make the world a better place….no I don’t know how yet…but it wouldn’t be a million $ lure…I’d probably hire some people to go to school
    Ignorance is bliss…but knowlegde is power
    So choose your path now…before it is chosen for you

  • Sunshine

    Blugyblug, you are plain wrong.
    Humans are not ‘made to eat meat’.
    Eating meat belongs now in the same world of massive inequality that has produced most of these ridiculous luxury items.
    While most of the population struggle to meet their basic needs, a privileged few gorge themselves into complacent stupidity.
    By the way, if you’re really obsessed with being ‘natural’, try cannibalism – another widespread human practice historically. And, judging by the devolution apparent all around us, this is the future as well. Probably shortly before your great grandchildren are massacred by an environment turned super-hostile.

  • Bkind2animals

    None of this stuff would do anything for me, even if it were affordable. Our crooked government has been robbing us blind for almost a hundred years, rep and dem alike, it is the bankers and large corporations that are pulling the puppet strings. They want us to support the world, while we have nothing. If the NWO gets going, say goodbye to all freedome. People fight where you can, send letters to senators and congressmen, send a teabag to the whitehouse so it gets there on April 1st. Warn your city officials that you will not go along quietly. We want our constitution back, secure borders, law abiding population, jobs, industry and freedom. We dont work for them (you will find it more and more difficult to convince them) they work for us, they can be canned. Dont eat meat, they torture the animals, fill them with water so they weigh more, you are paying for water, meat is not good for you. Boycot large corporations, dont buy anything from the big boys, watch them crash, how many times can they bail them out? Most people are too fing stupid to get this, I may be wasting my time.

  • Mitch

    There should be a feature embedded in every credit card that detects when some ridiculously high-priced and unnecessary item such as these is purchased. The second the credit card is swiped, all the money is deducted from the user’s bank account and distributed among those who really need it.

  • aelleo

    when the elite release their supervirus and kill 95% of you stupid bastards in a week (*see the Georgia Guidestones), I’m gonna go loot me that 36000 dollar knife to go with my solid gold P90, so I can roam the post apocalyptic north american continent in complete badassery… fucking bitches and rolling down the empty highways on 24 inch chrome.

  • http://styleassembly.com/ Jomark Osabel

    I don’t understand the need for a gold vibrator when for the same amount you can have a real living one.

  • Elaine

    Hey kyle and joe – I’ll flash my 50k umbrella next time i see you starving, sick and dying on the streets

  • Steve

    I’m also in favor of a wealth cap. The problem is not so much the buying of the crap listed above, but the ability to influence governments and funnel in even more wealth as a result.

    I’d set the limit to at least $50 million though.


    “why not get a fancy can to keep your balls in?”

    thats why im gonna marry a rich woman!

  • Prionace Glauca

    I like the noodles; I can justify exorbitant expenditures when the money goes to a good cause, and it would be fun to be rich and fancy and eating cup noodles. The carbon fiber toilet seat is cool too, at least that has a practical use. The rest of these things are just spending money for its own sake; and most are also pretty ugly.

  • Allison

    While I would never buy any of these items, even if I DID have the money to do so, what TRULY sickens me is the attitude some of you have expressed that people who DO buy such things should be immediately stripped of all their wealth.

    I’m appalled by the idea of punishing someone for making money. All that is is JEALOUSY talking.

    If someone wants to waste their money on these stupid items, let them. They earned the money and they can do what they want with it.

  • Calli Arcale

    “Blugyblug, you are plain wrong.
    Humans are not ‘made to eat meat’.”

    If we’re not made to eat meat, then why do we have canine teeth, and why do we not manufacture our own B12 vitamins like true herbivores do? We’re not carnivores by nature; we’re omnivores. Our ideal diet is a bit of everything, though we could certainly do with eating less meat and more veggies than we typically do here in America.

    Vegetarianism isn’t bloodless, BTW. It is true what was said, that the only way to have no impact on any animal is to die. I think we could be more efficient in terms of our impact on the Earth, and make better use of resources to feed our growing population, but there is no “zero impact” lifestyle, and most of the “green” solutions I see tend to be impractical on a global scale, or just shift the burden to someplace less conspicuous. (Like electronics recycling. Great concept, but in many cases the execution involves poisoning third-world nations.)

  • Eric

    You forgot the MacBook Air

  • Star

    Its sad what people need to spend their money on to feel good. Truly a collection of worthless crap. Although i do like that toilet seat.

  • Star

    Sunshine, you are philosophical beliefs are unfounded and that of a total douche.
    Humans can survive on vegetables or meat I believe the term is omnivore.
    “Eating meat belongs now in the same world of massive inequality that has produced most of these ridiculous luxury items.”
    An interesting statement. However, a connection between the two is frail at best and clearly a pathetic dramatization. O and what side of the inequality you speak of are you on?
    Although i will agree that people will gorge themselves to complaisance I don’t believe they do it to stupidity. Unless you live under a rock people know there are probably about a billion people starving. The truth that many people cant except is that most just don’t care and never will.
    As for the cannibalism comment, tell me what drama camp did you go to because man I mean ive heard some stuff but wow and people say republicans are bad with the obama gloom and doom. You my friend take the cake. Someone get on suicide alert and get sunshine some zoloft. However, if your right I’m gonna eat you.

    As for all this eat meat good or bad. I think if you dont over eat and only eat to survive you have nothing to be ashamed off. A study done at i think Duke University found that neither a all meat or vegetable diet was better then the other. Whats best is to eat the minimum amount needed to keep the body healthy. There are plenty of other mammals and animals that are omnivore and may eat only meat or vegetable or a combo of both. For instance, bears, pigs, some birds, raccoons, mice, rats, squirrels, turtles and many more. Eat what you want just don’t gorge.

  • Star

    “you are philosophical beliefs” hahahahaha oppps looks like im a bit of a douche as well.

  • Maulkin

    Keep in mind, the idiots who buy these things are paying for the jobs of artisans and craftsman who otherwise wouldn’t have jobs. Without the greed and flaunting (which I by no means condone), these people wouldn’t be able to feed their families and the arts would decline.

  • Babylon

    Environmentalism: Humanity is designed to be a consuming creature. We consume plants and animals for food, clothing, shelter, and recreation. It is innate to our being and we shall continue to do it until we pass away or transcend our mortality, whichever comes first.

    Wealth/Government: All you fools who are supporting the people who are buying all this crap should know that every few seconds somebody collapses and dies due to starvation, dehydration, and diseases that would be easily curable if they had the money to do so. When you would hoard money to purchase luxuries such as these instead of saving another person’s life with it then you have thrown away your humanity. I don’t claim to affiliate myself with any system of government, economic market, or religion but I know that when you allow another to come to harm when you have the means to prevent it then you are wrong in all processes of thought. Don’t come claiming to me that they can’t afford to do so either because I’ve seen this list and much more.

    So all those supporters of these bourgeoisie suicide kings, when you come to the point in your life where you are in desperate straits and wondering why no hotshot billionaires and millionaires aren’t bailing you out then you should know that it was because you allowed them to buy all this over-priced crap.

  • Angoos

    This stuff is all fandabidosie.

    The bitchy comments are hilarious as well.

    As for all the hippie vegans and “animal lovers”…. get yourself a scotch pie…. tastes like meat but doesn’t ACTUALLY contain any…. it’s all lung, tongue and hoof… DELICIOUS with a dash of HP !!!

  • http://whatever Richardpu

    It was recognised long ago that the world needs rich people, as focal points of wealth, in order to channel wealth , move money around and create economies, and diversify expenditure so that diverse industries are nurtured and create jobs. If everyone had the same amount of cash, it would most likely be enough for the basics, and that would be all anyone ever spent their money on.
    So yes- all this stuff reeks of licentious avarice- but look at the jobs created by selling it. (100% of them in China I’m sure.)
    Joe Citizen doesnt need any of this- but it goes to show that rich people are just as insecure and staus-concious as anyone else.
    And meat rocks!

  • Nefarious Wheel

    Yes, buyers of this stuff definitely have money that rightfully belongs to me. Ok, where did I put that scrap hide of green leather? I think Bunnings has a special on box cutters, local trophy shop for silver plating I think. Can probably get a bunch of cheap round opal cabochons for keycaps, and I can get cheap croc hides up in FNQ where the bloody things are a weed anyway. And if they don’t buy the gear, keep raising the price until they do…

  • David

    It’s all relative. Everybody is appalled at how much this stuff costs. However, go to a third world country and describe to the people there how much money people in developed countries spend on things like hair care products, music players, pets, and restaurant meals, and they would be just as appalled.

    Also. I guess gold plated staples are okay for homeless people, but if I had to use anything other than solid gold staples, I would just commit suicide. 😉

  • Brendan

    I have all of them except 2. Life is not fair

  • http://haven'tgotone,sorry Brian

    #1–Looks like an Aalto Savoy vase? O-kaaay. Rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise and it looks like, uh, something more familiar.

    #3–WTF? Ramen, cornerstone of poor-white cuisine, is now upscale? Is nothing sacred?

    #6–Now YOU can look like a retard for under 2 grand!

    #15–The less said about this, the better.

    #16–If you actually buy this, you are that part of the anatomy for which #15 was intended.

    #22–No, they don’t make you look like a rock star from the future, they make you look like a rock star from the past. Michael Jackson, to be specific. ‘Nuff said.

  • mark

    You guys are freaking morons. Who are you to say what someone spends their hard earned money on? if they wanna buy it let them buy it. They earned it. If you dont like it maybe you should get successfull so you can waste your money feeding some starving children somewhere. People that feel entitled to another persons wealth are disgusting. Go earn some money yourselves, your just too lazy to get a job. Or a good job. Maybe you should have gone to college instead of doing drugs and working at mcdonalds. nliggers!

  • John

    Wrap them up…I’ll take all of them.

  • Livia

    The carbon fibre toilet seat actually isn’t that bad at $249. I mean, you’d never have to buy another toilet seat ever again :p

  • Unruly Human

    Well, duh, who doesn’t have a carbon fiber toilet seat?

  • Erin

    About colored toilet paper in the U.S.:

    I’m 17 years old and I do remember using colored paper about 5-10 years ago.

    It’s pretty pathetic people waste their money on such frivolous items. At the same time, I could care less. I’m much more worried about where my own money goes.

  • http://google.com Brian

    I can’t believe they didn’t include the goldplated iPhone.

  • Joe

    “Ummm….we have coloured toilet paper already. Not that bright, but there are plenty of blues, purples and yellows.

    Do you only have white in the States or something?!”

    Steve, white toilet paper is the standard in the u.s.
    Every bathroom i’ve been in uses it
    Though I saw a light pink once

  • http://www.friedduck.com Fried Duck

    I will take the leather keyboard, the toilet seat and the skateboard for my son. . ..

    Total: $9,100.00

    I need to get another job. . .maybe two.

  • http://www.myspace.com/davidrix David

    Sorry ‘Sunshine’ et all – i have to wade in and correct you even though i know i am wandering off subject. Actually humans ARE made to eat meat. We are evolved to it, our teeth are adapted to it and as far back into prehistory as we can see, we had meat in our diets. It is in our brains and psychology as well. It may even be one reason we evolved into such intelligent creatures (which we are, in spite of the mess we have made of things). Chimpanzees eat meat as well. No getting away from it – we are an omnivorous species and vegetarians who have abandoned meat are the ones moving away from our original natures. Of course – that does not deny the fact that many people, self included, probably eat too much. But that is a totally different story. It’s easy to do what you can with what you have – and if you have plenty then you eat plenty. Or spend plenty on these weird things. It seems to be harder to force a balance in the world (instead of having some few people able to pay for concrete molded in valuable vases while most of the rest of us starve) – which we have completely failed to do yet, as these items demonstrate very nicely. Jealous? Of course we are jealous!!! But that doesn’t alter the fact that we are hopelessly out of balance for one moment!

  • phoebe

    i’m almost having a heart attack…but honestly, among those stuffs, i am more interested to the colorful tissues..yeaahh…

  • Johann

    These are a few of the SECRET SANTA gifts from last year’s A.I.G. Christmas party…

  • goblin

    ha ha that toilet seat could actually serve a purpose to reduce weight onboard aircraft or race boats If i ever get rich and feel the need for the worlds lightest fastest houseboat ill have to get me one. now I need to find a high performance toilet to put it on.

  • backslashio

    If I was only semi-wealthy (even a decent job would do) I’d still buy that carbon fiber toilet seat 😀 Better than having $305 stuck in a tree

  • Vikram

    Goldplated Staples absolutely not worth and quite unnecessary

  • ShadowWoods

    Is it really wise to spend so much money on these products when comparable products can be found for far less? Doesn’t the purchase of these products support the concept of over-consumerism, a notion that has spawned many of the world’s current problems? Isn’t it smarter to reduce, reuse and recycle, rather than add more to the waste stream? And, if one had such wealth, and could buy these items, wouldn’t one want to invest a portion of one’s wealth to improve one’s community and environment, if one weren’t doing so already? And if some of these products should be thought of as art, then wouldn’t one want to donate them to museums, so the greater public can enjoy, and get one’s name posted on the donor roster wall? I don’t think the issue is about communism, socialism, vegetarianism, jealously, being cool or the like – It’s really about ALL people applying MORE common sense to how they use their money in a MORE constructive manner that BOTH benefits themselves AND the world they live in…

  • http://www.ifonenation.com genghisphlip

    Looks like the AIG guys have a new place to shop

  • andrew

    We eat to live. Or we live to eat?Who cares i would buy all of them if i had the money.I would give some money to poor also so i could sleep good at nights.:P I am definetly gona get the toilet seat.

  • roberta

    One thing about the toilet seat – it would be a b***h to clean…

  • mentalfloss

    More proof that money can’t buy class.

  • nellap

    I like how everyone sees this list of nonsense and generalizes it to apply to all rich people as eveidence to support their hate for “the rich”. A very small number of America’s wealthiest would have any interest in this junk. There are far more charitable, good, honest rich people than there are rich people who buy things like this.

  • Andy

    This absolutely sickens me.

    No, I don’t mean the merchandise; a lot of it seems superfluous and silly to me, but I choose not to judge people by their purchases, because I’m a level-headed, rational adult. Rather, I’m both disgusted and alarmed by the socialist notions raised in the comments here; how arrogant it is of people to argue for things such as “personal wealth caps,” as though other people’s money and property are theirs to dictate.

    Individual property rights ought to be the most sacred of all rights, you twits–as sacred as the right to free speech (not that any country currently affords that right to its citizens). Nobody should be forced to give their possessions or wealth simply on the basis that they have “too much,” which is some arbitrarily-chosen limit.

  • http://coolabhay.com abhay

    these things are really interesting but do anyone buy these thing huh its cool really cool

  • http://poetrypoem.com/pastwords Kiran Gurung

    Everyday..lol, mostly for wealthy guys all those are fantastics and even i was rich probably would pick up anyone. Those goes to charity was even good thing for me.

  • Poor Bastard

    As silly as all this is, it really is a waste of thought trying to decide weather people with money should buy them or not. Im not jealous of the people who can, I just wish that for as hard as I work I wouldnt have to worry about my bills. I dont have any desire to be super rich, I just want to be able to make the payments on my small 2 bedroom house and take my kids to a movie once in a while.
    As for the “wealth cap”…never gonna happen. What I would like is for one of these super rich people to loan me a million for a year that I cannot touch. After a year of investment, the guy gets his million back and I get whatever was made. My profit would be a result of how wisely I invested.
    Some have hundreds of millions, would they really miss one of them that much? And I would be very happy with even a quarter of a million. Wouldnt you?

  • Poor Bastard

    I would also like to add that education isnt everything. Look at how many jobs have been lost in the US since this recession showed its ugly face. Do you really think all of those people were highschool dropouts and drug addicts?
    No, I would bet that 75% of them did go to college and now they are wondering what for.