18 MORE Hilarious Sex Products


If you enjoyed 18 Hilarious Sex Products, then check out round 2! We’ve uncovered even more of the weirdest and most hilarious sex toys ever!


Middle Finger Vibrator

It’s hard to imagine that this particular device has any real purpose other than as to be given as a gag gift. Seriously, this is about as lewd as it gets for sex toys because by giving it to someone you’re basically saying “Go Fuck Yourself” as directly as you can. $40


Cup Nude

The funny thing about Cup Nude is that it’s ALMOST a discreet sex toy, except it says “Nude” right on the front and features a sexy anime girl. Only in japan…


The Shower Power Bathtub Handle

At first it seems innocent enough to have a suction cup in the shower for “slips.” Your guests may never think twice about using your skeevy shower. However don’t leave the package lying around if you don’t want them to know what it’s meant for. Because with instructions like “Stick it. Test it. Stick it To ‘Em” it’s pretty obvious what Shower Power is all about. $7


Vagina with Tongue

This product is for that weirdo out there who thought “Sure vagina IS great, but wouldn’t it be better if it had a tongue?” You’re undoubtedly a sick freak, but a sick freak who may be on to something… $42


Sex Toys Vending Machine

A fun flickr find… a vending machine full of fun toys like the tickler, love eggs and whatever the hell rubber pinkies are. For around $7 you can grab whatever sex toy you need for your immediate convenience while out on the town. Seriously, you never know when you might need some “heaven beads” with your flavored condoms.


Teddy Bear Vibe Hider

What a cute… oh that’s where you keep what now? At 22″ tall, you can shove quite a bit down his neck. But how embarrassing for you when you visit your mom and realize she has the same bear. $40


Candy Nipple Tassels

We don’t know how you’re supposed to keep the nipple tassels in place, but we hope it doesn’t involved those cheap elastic strings… if you’ve ever had a candy necklace break on your neck then we don’t need to tell you that it hurts like a bitch. $5


Fruit & Veggie Vibrators

You may have heard of some creative horndogs using fruits and vegetables in lieu of an actual sex toy, but this takes it to a new DIY extreme encouraging you to insert vibrators into the produce. While we first thought that perhaps this was a sick joke, the extent of the instructions imply that someone really gave this a lot of thought. Remember to use waterproof vibrators.


Adult Fun Stools

While in use by someone else you might not realize that there was anything sexual about this whimsical piece of furniture. The site suggests that when not in use sexually that it becomes a fun novelty stool, but we tend to avoid sitting on something that can accidentally take away our ass virginity. $252


Igor the Octopussy Vibrator

Don’t leave this one out when your nieces and nephews come to visit. Igor the Octopussy Massager looks far more like a silly kids toy than a personal pleasure tool. It’s quite possible that no one would ever guess that’s what it was for, which makes the experience of someone finding it all the more awkward for you to try to explain with a straight face. $11


Pony Play Plug

Maybe no one ever told the people who designed the Pony Play Butt Plug, but horse tails don’t come out of their butts. Seriously, we’ve KNOWN this fetish had to exist, but we never really thought about the… depth of it… so to speak. $20


Oral Snorkel

We’re guessing this was designed by a woman who was sick of hearing “I’d go longer, but I can’t breathe.” Now there’s no excuse to keep at it, except for not wanting to look like a total weirdo.


Anal Eye

Whenever exploring new territory, it’s important to make sure you can see where you’re going. The girl on the package really illustrates the anxiety that comes with agreeing to let someone use the Anal Eye. Whether you decide to take a peak or let someone else in there, make sure you’re prepared for the consequences because you really can’t get any more intimate than THAT.


Man Shark Enhancer Ring

If you’ve always thought your wang would look much cooler with shark like teeth at the end then you should pick up the Man Shark Enhancer Ring. This isn’t what Tracy Jordan meant when he said live every week like shark week. $13


The Sinulator

Since first we were able to connect to millions of people all over the world with just a click of a mouse people have tried new ways of finding sex. The Sinulator lets you actually have sex over the internet… sort of. It just lets you control sex toys over the internet, which is about as close as you’re going to get (for now?). $130


Guitar Vibrator

Someone had the brilliant idea when their OhMiBod MP3 compatible vibrator showed up on the same day as their Vox MP3 AmPlug and created a vibrator that responds directly to the sound of a guitar. Pretty brilliant, but it also may be completely pointless since it seems that girls already cream for guitarists without the aid of electronics.


Pleasure Periscope

Another one of those “why would you want to look in there” kind of products, the Pleasure Periscope brings us back to the days of playing doctor… in a bad way. Seriously, how can anything called “the intimate self-examiner” be sexy in any way? $50


Flexi Felix

If you never liked the idea of anal beads maybe it’s because you didn’t have the fun and friendly Flexi Felix’s face to help ease your anxieties. Or it’s possible that you were quite into anal beads until you saw this creepy thing. $16<


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